What SpringML's Time Machine does for you

  • We used to have meetings with more questions than answers. Now, no more “bring your own data”. When Sandra’s pipeline goes up 134%, SpringML shows everything that she’s doing better than other reps. More answers, more confidence.


    – C. Smith, Sales Ops Ninja

  • It’s early in the quarter and SpringML alerts me that my forecast is short of plan. It suggests what deals and reps need attention and action now – no more guesswork or sifting through multiple reports or dashboards. No superhero capes needed to save the day.


    -T. Campbell, Regional Sales Director

  • Forecasts had always been about tempering team’s optimism or begging to get a commitment. With SpringML, I don’t have to guess what my rolling 12 month outlook looks like – or wait 4 weeks until someone gives me the answer. SpringML’s unbiased predictions replace hope and guesswork.


    – M. Serrano, Chief Revenue Officer


SpringML’s predictive sales application gives sales leaders what they need across all dimensions of time – the ability to see forecast outcomes and make the changes needed to hit their goals. Real-time answers from multiple data sources enable quick insights and the actions needed to close more deals.


Man v. Machine
Forecasting Duel

Within 24 hours of receiving your sales data, our team of data scientists will arm you with a real-time sales forecast dashboard that combines both historical data to gauge trends and seasonality as well as current pipeline of opportunities into one source of truth.

Free Forecasting Dashboard



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  • We chose to work with SpringML based on their reputation as a partner and for the advanced capabilities provided by their Advanced Analytics for Sales App. The result has been great for our Sales Operations and will yield a great return on our investment.
    – Director of Sales Analytics & CRM

  • The SpringML team delivers Wave solutions with impressive speed and quality. They have done innovative work in big data processing and machine learning with Wave.
    -Stephanie Buscemi, EVP, Product and Solutions Marketing, Salesforce

  • blackduck-customer

    SpringML has provided exceptional service. Their scope of knowledge with Wave, combined with a unique understanding of business operations helped us customize and deploy very quickly.
    Misty Grennell, Sales Op Manager,  Blackduck

  • SpringML committed to delivering a quality Wave solution on time and has exceeded all of our expectations. I was beyond impressed with their expertise and am confident that we were successful because of their partnership on this initiative.
    -Katie Christensen, Director, Sales Operations, Liveops cloud

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    SpringML helps our sales organization run more effectively. Their predictive algorithms provide us the insights to monitor our progress and see if our tweaks to sales programs, discounts and compensation are working. Their algorithms integrate seamlessly with the rest of our sales analytics dashboards allowing us to compare our internal numbers with their forecasts.
    -Ryan Axelson, Director Sales Analytics and CRM, Invuity