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As one of the earliest partners in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud ecosystem, SpringML offers expertise and products to help customers get the most out of their Salesforce investment. With our Advanced and Predictive Applications built on the Salesforce platform, and our vast experience in implementing Wave, we help accelerate a customer’s time to value.

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Strategic Partner


SpringML is a participating member of Google’s Cloud Platform Partner Program, bringing expertise in large scale data processing using Google Cloud Dataflow. We use Google Cloud Dataflow as the processing engine for our solutions, and have built a custom Ad Analytics app in partnership with Salesforce and Google to provide real-time insights that business users can drill into to make their ads more effective.

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Apache Spark

Apache Spark™ is a powerful open source processing engine that excels in scenarios which require fast performance, such as iterative processing, interactive querying, large-scale batch computations, streaming, and graph computations. SpringML uses Apache Spark as part of our predictive analytics solutions, and has published a Spark package that connects to Salesforce Wave to simplify and speed data visualization.

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