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  • Customer Data Platform
  • Data Modernization

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“Working with SpringML, we’re proud to help the Commonwealth of Virginia better track the spread of COVID-19. With Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure and SpringML’s expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the COVIDWISE app will increase community awareness of exposure to the virus and help improve the health of Virginia citizens.”

Mike Daniels
Vice President of Public Sector,
Google Cloud.

“It’s been an amazing success. For most of us, what we really want out of technology is that it’s invisible. And I think for a lot of people that we’re working with, this technology is fairly invisible. It doesn’t really have much of a footprint or impact on what’s going on at the airport—and that’s the way we want it to be.”

Doug Murdock
CIO, Office of Enterprise Technology Services,
State of Hawaii

“My experience with SpringML was fantastic. They were curious in the sales process which helped ensure they understood our needs and crafted a statement of work that aligned with our vision. The process from idea to delivered solution was easy. SpringML was consultative and presented creative ideas to meet our needs. At all times, we felt comfortable with their leadership and project management. The solution exceeds our expectations and has already delivered meaningful results.”

Michael Rosman
Service Delivery for OneSource Virtual

“The best thing about the app is it enables volunteers with very little training to produce reliable, mistake-proof contributions to this important cause. I am really proud of it and fully endorse SpringML. Came through big time.”

Jeff Mulitalo
Deputy Director and Chief Strategy Officer,
State of Utah

“Memphis is focused on easy living, and we want to do everything we can to keep our citizens happy. Working with Google and SpringML to reduce potholes and urban blight using machine learning and artificial intelligence was an easy decision.”

CIO, City of Memphis

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Fireside Chat-Google Cloud's approach to be the cleanest cloud
As Google Cloud states, for those working on large-scale solutions to combat climate changes, 2021 has been a noteworthy year. Google Cloud is not shy as they take a leading role in these efforts by announcing their operational goals of 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) at all their data centers, cloud regions, and campuses worldwide by 2030. …

Fireside Chat: Google Cloud’s approach to be the “Cleanest Cloud” Read More »

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