Smart Application Development Services

Our Expertise

Custom Workflows

We build complex integration architectures and next generation workflows to any use case – and can build them in just days.

Mobile & User Friendly

We deploy mobile-friendly and build persona-based user experiences for quick time to launch and train. We provide training videos for all our smart applications.

Smart Application Platform

We build an extensible smart application platform on your unique cloud and data architecture for iterative innovation.

Bitcoin data exchange reporting interface


“SpringML helped us build a complex application to manage bitcoin data exchange reporting”

Representative Customers

City of Las Vegas
Utah-Department-of-Health-2 (1)

Use Cases

Custom visualization development

Deploy cloud-native application to support large scale data visualization.

Virtual Agents

Build automated agents to supplement live agents in customer service.

Smart applications on the edge

Deploy inferencing models in the edge using Edge TPUs and Cloud IOT.

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