Baolin Liu

Processing Fraud Claims

Problem: Unemployment fraud is on the rise as people file to collect unemployment. General Solution: With the overwhelming number of claims, public agencies are turning to machine learning to identify these fraudsters. That way, they can give payment to the legitimate people who actually need it. 1. Look for patterns of fraud in the dataset 2. …

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Processing Fraud Claims

Movie Overviews in ElasticSearch

Problem: Searching through needed documents quickly and finding relevant information from it can be challenging for today’s organizations. There is also a challenge of storing the documents and retrieving the relevant documents quickly. General Solution: To solve this, we built a search engine for our client to quickly store and find useful political documents for policy …

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BigQuery Tips & Techniques from the Trenches

In a previous post, we covered BQML which showcased built-in machine learning in BigQuery and in this post, we would like to showcase some BigQuery techniques we learned from one of our most recent projects. The client is an emerging company in the retail space with over 2 years worth of customer data from users interacting their browser extension for coupons.

BigQuery Tips & Techniques

Twitter Reaction in Game 4 of the NBA Finals

The Raptors move to within 1 game of winning Canada’s first ever NBA championship at home in Toronto, winning a second straight game in Oakland 105-92. Even though this was a devastating loss for Warriors fans, let’s take a look at some things that were happening on Twitter.

Twitter response to game 4