Manuel Amunategui

Using Google Healthcare API for Secure Patient Image Sharing

In this recording we share how SpringML leverages Machine Learning to create social distancing compliance solutions leveraging Google Cloud Vision AI. Our frameworks allow for rapid detection from any video feed when people are not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) or complying with social distancing guidelines.


Automating Clinical Workflows with Google’s Healthcare API

In this OnDemand webinar recording, SpringML shares the art of the possible for healthcare providers to automate clinical workflows and integrate AI and Machine Learning into the clinical workflow. Google's recently released Healthcare API provides a transformative platform, we think of it as the "Operating System for Healthcare". Now healthcare compliant file sharing across the provider …

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A Comparison of Kubeflow & TFX(TensorFlow Extended)

In this report, we compare two technologies that have come out of Google for managing machine learning Pipelines. The first is Kubeflow, which has been in development since 2018 and was originated as a way of bringing the ideas of TFX (used only internally at Google at the time) to the public via open source tools and is in the process of changing as many developments as open source tools come and go. The second is TensorFlow Extended (TFX) itself. Google announced that it would be making TFX available to the public at the end of 2018.

Comparison of Kubeflow & TFX

Student Retention Model Helping At-Risk Students

Modeling is about understanding behavior. It’s mostly applied towards commercial goals, but it will warm your heart and fill it with purpose when you apply it towards helping real people and especially our youth. Applied data science requires good data and good modeling skills but also a lot of pre- and post- analysis and workflow planning. This can go a long way in not only identifying who is at risk but tailoring the best intervention to help, in our case students, get back on track. And that’s the big picture.