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Tableau in the World of Business Intelligence

As you think about where you are at in your journey with Tableau, it is important to understand the history of data governance in your organization, the culture of teams, and your goals for BI and analytics.

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Sales Cloud Einstein Accelerator

Are you just getting started with Sales Cloud Einstein? Need help to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein across your enterprise sales team to drive best practices and adoption? SpringML can help you with our Sales Cloud
Einstein Accelerator. This Accelerator will enable you to deploy Sales Analytics, review best practice for Salesforce Inbox, and coach your team on how to leverage the other AI features in workflows and operations!

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Salesforce Tableau Acquisition: Powerful Together

We are hearing more and more customers ask us about Tableau and Einstein in light of the pending acquisition. This is understandable and very much expected. Tableau has cemented itself as the global leader in business intelligence (BI), and Salesforce has spent the last six years growing Einstein Analytics following its acquisition of EdgeSpring in 2013. Soon, Tableau will be integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, and, on the surface, there will be two data visualization offerings by Salesforce.

Salesforce's Tableau acquisition

From Visualization to AI: Mapping the Analytics Journey

We find companies and all different points in their analytics journey. In fact, it’s not even about the company’s journey – every business process can be plotted to its own spot on the map.  In this webinar, we will walk through that evolution providing examples of how to leverage Salesforce Einstein to meet you where you are at in your analytics journey.

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Insight to Action in 30 Days Using Einstein

Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Einstein Analytics user or just exploring for the first time, this webinar demonstrates how to create an Einstein-first experience and enhance the entire Salesforce platform. New features and functionalities and best practices are shared to show how you can unlock the power of Einstein in 30 days.

Insight to Action