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ABCs of Einstein Prediction Builder

When it comes to replicating your Harvest data to Google BigQuery, conventional ETL is no longer the only game in town. Writing ETL code requires significant investments of time and expertise; this is precisely why some data people semi-affectionately abbreviate it as “Extremely Tough to Load”. This post summarizes how to extract the data from Harvest and load it into Google BigQuery using MuleSoft.

How to Build Your First Einstein Next Best Action Recommendation

Salesforce has been on a fantastic journey with Lightning components. Years ago, Salesforce developers were using a unique HTML tag-based Mark-up language known as Visual force pages and Apex as their controller for logic. In 2014, Salesforce launched the Lightning Component framework supported by the Aura programming framework. Since the web standards offered limited feasibility to build large-scale web applications at the time, Aura came with its component-driven model that allowed developers to build large-scale client applications on the web. Fast-forward to 5 years from the time of Aura; the web stack has seen an unprecedented level of innovation and standardization that transformed it from being a rudimentary page-rendering platform to a web development platform.

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Sales Cloud Einstein Accelerator

Are you just getting started with Sales Cloud Einstein? Need help to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein across your enterprise sales team to drive best practices and adoption? SpringML can help you with our Sales Cloud
Einstein Accelerator. This Accelerator will enable you to deploy Sales Analytics, review best practice for Salesforce Inbox, and coach your team on how to leverage the other AI features in workflows and operations!

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The First Step in Your Analytics Journey

During this recorded webinar we guide you on the first step in your Analytics Journey. We’ll show you: the tools you need to get started; how to build from the ground up to gain high adoption; how Analytics can help your team make better decisions faster. After viewing, you’ll come away with the knowledge to build your Analytics foundation.

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Insight to Action in 30 Days Using Einstein

Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Einstein Analytics user or just exploring for the first time, this webinar demonstrates how to create an Einstein-first experience and enhance the entire Salesforce platform. New features and functionalities and best practices are shared to show how you can unlock the power of Einstein in 30 days.

Insight to Action

Easy Tips for Marketing Teams to Communicate Analytics Results

Some of the best data analysts are marketing professionals. Marketing teams track and pay attention to a huge amount of performance data including customer engagement, lead capture, audience interactions, events and website data. Each of these areas has several key performance indicators (KPI) including bounce rate, cost per lead, marketing qualified leads and blog views. Marketing …

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