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Snapshotting in CRM Analytics

Snapshotting is one of the most common advanced use cases we see here at SpringML. Clients need to know more than what their data says now—they need to know what it said a week/quarter/year ago, and how it’s changed over time. I’ll cover some basics of snapshotting, how to set up Snapshots in CRM Analytics, and …

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Your Path to Success with Einstein Analytics

SpringML has been a leading Salesforce Einstein Analytics partner since its inception. Einstein’s native integration with Salesforce, along with its user-friendly, mobile-first approach, gives ‘doers’ and decision makers in sales, marketing and customer service a powerful tool to make decisions based on insight, not instinct. Whether used on its own, or in combination with other BI and analytics tools like Business Objects or Tableau, Einstein Analytics is a system of insight for organizations both large and small.

Your Path to Success with Einstein Analytics

Sales Cloud Einstein Accelerator

Are you just getting started with Sales Cloud Einstein? Need help to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein across your enterprise sales team to drive best practices and adoption? SpringML can help you with our Sales Cloud
Einstein Accelerator. This Accelerator will enable you to deploy Sales Analytics, review best practice for Salesforce Inbox, and coach your team on how to leverage the other AI features in workflows and operations!

Sales Cloud

The First Step in Your Analytics Journey

During this recorded webinar we guide you on the first step in your Analytics Journey. We’ll show you: the tools you need to get started; how to build from the ground up to gain high adoption; how Analytics can help your team make better decisions faster. After viewing, you’ll come away with the knowledge to build your Analytics foundation.

first analytics steps

Using Informatica for Complex Data Integrations into Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a great tool for end users to gain insights on business performance. However, critical business data doesn’t always live 100% within Salesforce. For example, manually maintained sales goals, commission plans, and revenue are external datasets that are often needed to get the full picture on business performance.  Some external datasets can be …

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