Leveraging ML to Enhance Productivity in the Life Sciences Industry

With costs soaring and business models predicated on continued innovation, life sciences firms are searching for greater efficiency and agility. One of the most promising ways forward lies in harnessing the power and potential of machine learning (ML) tools. This Whitepaper considers several ways in which life sciences firms can use machine learning to favorably impact R&D productivity, clinical efficacy, and supply chain efficiency.

Leveraging ML to Enhance Productivity in Life Sciences

Transforming Marketing Analytics With AI

Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Einstein Analytics user or just exploring for the first time, SpringML’s Dashboard Gallery will help you envision an Einstein-first experience that will enhance your entire Salesforce platform.

Transforming Marketing Analytics With AI

Digital Marketing and the State of Analytics

With data coming from multiple sources including, YouTube, GA360 and Adwords, UMG needed dashboards that would provide valuable insights so decision makers could make timely decisions about budgets, project plans, and future strategies.