Rick Pearson

Using Salesforce and Google Cloud to Build an OCR App

This post summarizes a demo where we use Salesforce Apex to make a remote call from Salesforce to Google Cloud. For the demo, we built an OCR app that parses text from a picture of a Driver’s License and creates a Driver’s License record in Salesforce and associates it with a Contact.

Using Salesforce and Google Cloud to Build OCR App

Deploying Chatbots to Production

The impact of chatbots across industries is rapidly expanding. Companies are utilizing these conversational AI tools to automate e-commerce, provide customer support, and even streamline internal business processes. Companies want more efficient ways to connect with their users and provide superior customer service, and users want an easier yet effective way to get products, services or information they are interested in from companies. Chatbots serve both these needs. This is why it is so imperative that chatbots are effectively designed and rigorously tested in order to increase business efficiency and meet customer satisfaction.