Ravishankar Singh

Integration of ChatGPT API in Salesforce: Benefits and Use Cases

You’ve probably been reading about ChatGPT, the open-source language model developed by OpenAI, which allows developers to generate human-like text based on a prompt. It's based on transformer architecture and is pre-trained AI on a massive corpus of text data, making it capable of understanding and generating text on a wide range of topics. Integrating ChatGPT …

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Modern Era of Deployment: DevOps Center

With the fast-moving world of technology, the Salesforce environment is also evolving towards deeper customization with complex functionalities. Salesforce developers and project managers have been looking for a tool like DevOps Center for a long time to remove the manual pain of change sets which helps them handle the release management and to move the code …

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Modern Era of Deployment DevOps Center

Tableau Dashboard Extensions

Overview Tableau dashboard extensions are web applications that have two-way communication with the dashboard. Dashboard extensions enable the integration of Tableau with custom applications, making it possible to modify the data for a viz, or even creating custom visualizations inside the dashboard. It's a type of extension that can be built using the Tableau Extensions API. …

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