Ravishankar Singh

Tableau Dashboard Extensions

Overview Tableau dashboard extensions are web applications that have two-way communication with the dashboard. Dashboard extensions enable the integration of Tableau with custom applications, making it possible to modify the data for a viz, or even creating custom visualizations inside the dashboard. It's a type of extension that can be built using the Tableau Extensions API. …

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Aura vs Lightning Web Components: What You Need to Know

Salesforce has been on a fantastic journey with Lightning components. Years ago, Salesforce developers were using a unique HTML tag-based Mark-up language known as Visual force pages and Apex as their controller for logic. In 2014, Salesforce launched the Lightning Component framework supported by the Aura programming framework. Since the web standards offered limited feasibility to build large-scale web applications at the time, Aura came with its component-driven model that allowed developers to build large-scale client applications on the web. Fast-forward to 5 years from the time of Aura; the web stack has seen an unprecedented level of innovation and standardization that transformed it from being a rudimentary page-rendering platform to a web development platform.

lightening web compents