Apache Spark Wave Connector

We at springML have published a Spark package that connects to Salesforce Wave to push data.  This package is available here.  Code is published on GitHub here. The advantage of using this package is that once data is analyzed in the Spark environment, the resulting results dataset can be written into Wave for further visualization on …

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SparkR and machine learning

Iteration and convergence is a key requirement for machine learning and Spark does this well and fast because it can load data in memory and do in memory computation.  In addition its support for languages like Python and R helps data scientists who are at home with these languages. SparkR is an R package that provides …

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Apache Spark and Databricks

Databricks is a company founded by the creators of Apache Spark.  As you can tell from our other blogs, we believe Apache Spark is a revolutionary big data technology and springML provides expert consulting services in Spark implementations.  We have been working on the Databricks platform and love the great work they’ve done to simplify Spark …

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Ad Analytics using Google Cloud Dataflow and Salesforce Wave

Understanding the impact of advertising spend and knowing how various parts of an ad campaign contribute to sales is key to measuring impact on overall advertisement strategy.   Traditional solutions that provide such analytics includes an ETL tool to transform and transfer data from one system to another, a data warehousing system that can store large amounts …

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Cloud Dataflow Developer Experience

We got the opportunity to collaborate with Google Cloud Platform this year soon after the relationship between Salesforce and Google Cloud Platform was announced.  We worked with both Google Cloud Platform and Salesforce product managers to outline a use case that involved Salesforce CRM, Wave and Google Cloud Dataflow.  Here’s a more detailed description of the …

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Cloud Dataflow Developer Experience

Customer segmentation – combining RFM and predictive algorithms

The Recency-Frequency-Monetary value segmentation has been around for a while now and provides a pretty simple but effective way to segment customers.  An RFM model can be used in conjunction with certain predictive models to gain even further insight into customer behavior.  In this post we’ll discuss three predictive models – K-means clustering, Logistic Regression and …

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Customer segmentation