A guide to export data from CCAI Insights to BigQuery

Contact Center AI (CCAI) helps you analyze the conversations with the DialogFlow Agent. CCAI Insights helps users detect and visualize patterns in their contact center data. Understanding conversational data drives business value, improves operational efficiency, and provides a voice for customer feedback.

Before you continue with the analysis of the conversations,  we need to do the following actions:

  1. Enable the Cloud Speech-to-Text API.
  2. Enable the Contact Center AI Insights API.
  3. In Agent Assist, open settings and enable the “Send data to insights” option. This helps in transferring the conversation data generated by Agent Assist and Dialogflow CX to the Insights API.
Agent Assist Settings - Enabling the Send data to insights' option.webp
  1. Open the CCAI Insights console and choose your project.
    This displays the conversions made using the Dialogflow Agent. (Note: This doesn’t pull the old conversations. It instead pulls the conversations from the time the CCAI API is enabled)
CCAI Insights Console - Choose your project

In case it doesn’t show the conversations, try to create a conversation with the DialogFlow Agent and refresh the CCAI console. We should now be able to access the conversation list from the CCAI console.

DialogFlow Agent - Accessing conversation list from the CCAI console
  1. Next, choose any of the conversations and start analysis on the conversations.
Select the conversations and analyse

After performing the analysis, we can see the triggered intents and the entities.

Export and Import conversations data to BigQuery through CCAI Console


In the CCAI console, by using the import, we can import our conversations directly from the storage bucket.
If we have the older conversations stored in the cloud storage bucket, we can import the conversations directly into the CCAI by providing the transcript URL (GCP bucket location in the format of gs://bucketname/filename).

CCAI console - Import conversations directly from the storage bucket


In the Conversation history tab, we can find the export option. By using the export option we can export the history of our conversations into BigQuery.

  • We need to provide values for all the required parameters.
  • Provide your data set Id (projectname/datasets/datasetID) in the first field.
  • In the second field provide the Table Name and click on Export. It will export your data into BigQuery (It takes a few seconds for this operation to complete, depending on the size of the data).
  • The data is now exported to the BigQuery dataset and we can now start working on the data.
CCAI console - Exporting the history of conversations into BigQuery

We understood how CCAI Insights seamlessly integrates with all other Contact Center AI solution products, allowing you to import conversations from Dialogflow and Agent Assist.

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