A key aspect of Google Cloud Next 2022 is partnership-driven innovation and creativity

Partnerships enable organizations to thrive and broaden their reach beyond their sphere of business. Joining in mindshare to solve customers’ most complex challenges, teaming for scale, and strategically investing in joint market growth fuel business development for optimum performance and customer outcomes. Google Cloud is a core partner of SpringML. Our partnership embodies the key values, strengths, and passion our organizations share as we work as a united team in support of our customers wherever they are in their digital transformation journey.

We are approaching one of Google Cloud’s largest annual events, Google Cloud Next ’22. This international event is taking place online this year LIVE with over 1 million attendees from October 11th to the 13th. SpringML is a top Google Cloud Partner and Premier level sponsor of this event. SpringML achieved the honor of Google Cloud’s Partner of the Year award for State and Local Governments in 2020 due to the exceptional support we provided to our customers in the public sector around public health. We are very excited to join Google Cloud and the rest of the cloud community for this global event. I will highlight the value of this key partnership to our public sector and commercial sector customers who are faced with navigating the complexities of marrying their evolving business strategies with optimal technologies that will address their critical needs and growth goals.

Why is Google Cloud and SpringML’s partnership so valuable to our customers?

SpringML leverages Google Cloud tools and technologies to develop solutions and offer services to our customers that are at the tip of innovation and offer immediate value, agile and flexible frameworks, and a clear path to migrating to and optimizing business processes in the cloud. There are high costs associated with maintaining legacy technologies, disparate data sources, and patchwork security across systems. Finding the right solution-fit to reduce those complexities can be elusive and daunting for businesses.

SpringML works closely with our customers to understand the core of their business. What efficiencies do they want to achieve? How can data be leveraged better to improve the ability to make impactful decisions for their business? How can they accelerate the modernization of their applications for the least impact on business and increased productivity? We help bridge the gap through understanding organizations’ driving business vision, goals, needs, and pain points allowing us to provide consultation and solutions that help reduce IT and business complexities and spend. In one of my earlier statements, I referenced the speed of change in business and the pace of technological advancement. A key value we offer is the agility and adaptability in which we address customer needs. We are also able to supplement existing technologies where the most value is added to the business and measurable outcomes are achieved with immediate, high ROI. We find that many customers are just starting on their cloud journey or intend to operate in a multi-cloud environment. Businesses are all unique and at different points in their digitization roadmap. We support our customers through that data-driven journey end-to-end from assessments to workshops to complex implementations with managed services for ongoing support.

In the public sector arena, we drive thought leadership in the pillars of transportation, social services, public health, and IT modernization to make a positive difference in society and for the environment. There are many challenges facing society today. Fortunately, the progression of organizations adopting cloud-first strategy and digital technological innovations continues to gain momentum. These digitalization strategies save organizations exponentially in time, resources and money. Companies can realize rapid improvements to key business processes and functions along with improved efficiencies and greater revenue capture in short timeframes. SpringML develops thought leadership and solutions on societal issues with broad impact and which involve high complexity. One societal issue we address is fraudulent claims and improper payments in the area of social services. We recognize how vital it is for funding to go to people in need and that due to many factors including fraud, waste, abuse, and simple error, many citizens go without their much-needed resources every day. Our Improper Payments solution platform is implemented across state and local governments and provides relief to both the over-encumbered social services workers as well as citizens in need. We work closely with Google Cloud at all levels of the organization to address this expansive issue with vigor and expediency. In the public health space, we realized the immediate need to make healthcare accessible on a broad scale in the face of lockdowns and in-person inaccessibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our telehealth implementations grown from need during the pandemic have staying power because even as the pandemic eases closures, people are still in need of healthcare solutions to meet their various healthcare challenges and life circumstances. A specific area of telehealth is tele-critical care. This allows critical care at a distance to scale rapid response and handle patient care with high efficiency. Leveraging Google Cloud’s Healthcare API, we continue to focus on enabling telehealth with the cloud, heavily focusing on the safety of patient data and access without barriers. Our Vision AI platform tackles the toughest challenges facing transportation today like roadway safety and infrastructure improvements.

In the commercial sector we partner with Google Cloud to drive innovations in predictive analytics and supply chain operations, medical imaging, contact center artificial intelligence, marketing analytics, and document artificial intelligence. We focus on the customer’s business challenges at the forefront of our solution development and then look to the right technologies that support solving those challenges as enablement to the organization achieving its business needs. We lead the charge for digital innovation in the industries of retail, healthcare and life sciences, financial services and insurance, and manufacturing. Across the customer landscape, we see the value of the customer data platform which is a single view of customer data enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions based on a centralized data hub providing the customer with a unified customer view. In retail, we build VisionAI solutions for store inventory analytics. Across media and retail, marketing analytics allow customers to have better audience segmentation, ad optimization, and support for the next best action for customers. We are a dedicated Google Cloud partner and are embedded in many product-focused groups to ensure our solutions and services seamlessly enable cloud adoption with our customers and allow them to achieve their business goals based on data-driven insights.

SpringML goes deeper than the “ML” in our name. Beyond our wealth of AI expertise, we support our customers throughout their entire data journey to the cloud starting with migration. Our motto is “Simplify Complexity: We bring data, cloud, and our accelerators together to unlock data-driven insights and automation.” We thrive on solving our customers’ most complex business problems by gaining insights through data but we also help them move their critical data to the cloud environment as a first step by supporting migration. At the forefront of this is Javelin. SpringML’s Javelin accelerator helps enterprises modernize Java applications with an actionable assessment framework and automated discovery. This is a guided framework that provides a detailed modernization roadmap following an automated, data-driven assessment. Once an organization’s baseline is achieved the output is the best modernization path for businesses. This migration accelerator offers customers innovative, maintainable, cost-effective practices, tools, and technologies to achieve organizational goals.
During the past several years the world has experienced drastic change that spurred a ripple effect of innovation, business shifts, market disruptions, and digital transformation. As we all continue to evolve and infuse innovation into our lives and businesses, it’s partnerships like SpringML and Google Cloud that will help light the path forward. We are committed to bringing cutting-edge data-driven solutions to support our customers on their journey to achieve a higher level of excellence.

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