Advance Your Net Zero Journey Via Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

A brief overview of Net Zero Cloud

During the hour of urgent climate crisis in the world, businesses need to adopt Net Zero. The Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a sustainability management software that helps businesses track, analyze, report, and audit their environmental data with built-in automation, real-time data, and intelligent insights through interactive dashboards.

Features and Benefits of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Figure 1-Features and Benefits of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is an environmental impact single source of truth and has some exciting features such as:

  • Carbon Footprint Forecast: It allows you to forecast your company’s future carbon emissions due to future business travels and provides recommendations on how to reduce them
  • Science-Based Targets: Via Salesforce’s built-in module of Science-Based Targets, you can set or reset the emission target
  • What-If Analysis: Salesforce provides built-in functionality on how to reduce emissions powered by Tableau
  • Climate Action Dashboard: It helps report all types of carbon footprint across all the emission categories of your company
  • Supplier Management: It showcases the supplier’s emission data and sustainability commitment using a supplier scorecard
  • Scope 3 Emissions Hub: Salesforce Net Zero Cloud’s Scope 3 Procurement Hub feature to categorize, visualize, and account for the procurement-related scope 3 emissions
  • Waste Data Management: Organizations can upload and track hazardous and non-hazardous waste management data and treatment methods such as landfilled, composted, or combustion in one place

Data Sources and Connectivity

Just like other environments, Net Zero Cloud Dashboards also provides us with various ways through which we can integrate our data as described below:

  • CSV Files: You can directly upload your data that is stored in the form of CSVs
  • Energy Bills: The manual entry of information into the database is one of the most time-consuming tasks involved in monitoring energy bills. However, these bills can be processed through an image processing module using MuleSoft and Salesforce, which will extract all the information from the bills and upload them to the database
  • MuleSoft Connections: Salesforce’s MuleSoft API can be used to establish connections to MuleSoft databases like MuleSoft Oracle, MuleSoft SQL, MuleSoft MySQL databases
  • Data Warehouses: Several data warehouses, including AWS, Snowflake, GCP, etc., can be used to access previously stored data
  • Live Data: You may also make use of Snowflake’s Live data capabilities, which give us access to and a mechanism to interact with the streams of live data

Setup and Configuration

By setting up Net Zero Cloud and configuring the objects and key metrics for our sustainability dashboards, we can leverage Net Zero’s out-of-the-box features and support individual companies to achieve their goal of reaching Net Zero.
Net Zero Cloud Dashboard enables your company to capture energy consumption and procurement data. It further allows tracking waste and emissions all under the same roof of Net Zero Cloud. With this setup and configuration, it will help the individual companies reduce the time in collecting and organizing data, and let them focus more on improving their Carbon Footprints.

To learn more about setting up and configuring Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Dashboard in your Salesforce org, visit Salesforce Help.

Net Zero Cloud Dashboards

The Salesforce Net Zero Analytics App provides some great interactive in-built dashboards that would help you gain access to the most critical information, enabling climate-conscious decision-making. The Net Zero Cloud dashboards can be customized as per your company’s requirements. A few of the dashboard samples are listed below.
Climate Action Dashboard is a one-stop platform for your organization’s total carbon footprint, scope – 1, 2, 3 emissions, and emission breakup based on business region, asset types, and waste types. It also visualizes carbon emissions forecasts and consumption of renewable energy in different cities of your company and helps you make data-driven decisions for your organization.

Figure 2-Net Zero Cloud Dashboards-Climate Action

Business Travel Impact Dashboard shows a roll-up summary of company-wide travel emissions across air travel, ground travel, and hotel stays and helps you review travel emission data by department, business unit, region, or airline to make decisions.

Figure 3-Net Zero Cloud Dashboards-Business Travel Impact

Waste Management Dashboard helps you manage your company-wide waste efficiently by bringing in your waste data from multiple sources by showing a complete picture of your company’s waste management KPIs, types of waste, and their treatment methods based on business region, asset types, waste types, etc.

Figure 4-Net Zero Cloud Dashboards-Waste Management

Scope 3 Procurement Dashboard tracks all the scope – 3 emission data and shows several procurement KPIs and emissions over time based on business region, asset type, and waste type.

Figure 5-Net Zero Cloud Dashboards-Scope 3 Procurement

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Package Offerings

Salesforce offers flexible packages based on your organization’s sustainability needs.
Net Zero Cloud Starter is ideal for small and mid-size organizations getting started with Carbon accounting. It provides 100 Permission Set Licenses, Carbon Accounting, Scope 1, 2, Scope 3 (light), and 3 licenses for Analytics Base App.

Net Zero Cloud Growth is ideal for medium to large enterprises with a net zero target and a significant supplier ecosystem. It provides 500 Permission Set Licenses, Carbon Accounting, Scope 1, 2, Scope 3 (light), Scope 3 Hub Waste Management, and 5 licenses for Analytics Base App.
To learn more, visit Salesforce Pricing.

Need Help?

If you are interested in implementing Salesforce Net Zero Cloud in your organization, as a trusted Salesforce partner, we can help you on your Net Zero journey.

Contact us today, at to learn more about how we can accelerate time to market, deliver a better customer experience, and improve operational efficiency by leveraging the speed, scale, and performance of your Salesforce Net Zero Cloud platform.

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