Analytics, the “Wow” factor, and the competitive landscape

Analyzing data isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when we thought of it as the work of a lonely person miserably editing a spreadsheet. In many cases, visualization has turned the math geek into the cool kid.

We’ve gone from:

Figure-1 Analytics, the “Wow” factor, and the competitive landscape


Figure-2 Analytics, the “Wow” factor, and the competitive landscape
Source: Tableau

The “Misconceptions” graphic above, was created in twenty minutes from a basic data set during the Iron Viz competition at Tableau Conference ‘22. It is a great example of how data storytelling is quickly becoming the new standard for data-driven success.

One risk however, is that the imagery itself becomes the goal, distracting from the potential marketplace and competitive advantages that some companies are already realizing. But besides grabbing someone’s attention with these dazzling images, are business leaders effectively employing analytics and visualization as part of a comprehensive strategy, making the most of available resources?

Before embarking on the next stage of your analytics journey, ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Does success hinge on real expertise in analytics, AI, or intelligent workflows, combined with a strategy for digital transformation?
  • Do you have an agile team (internal or external) available for a quick turnaround on deliverables?
  • If you’re working with a partner on AI initiatives, are they able to work together as an integrated team, or do they offer only a siloed task-based approach?

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