Answering Critical Sales Team Performance Questions with Tableau

Now, more than ever, each of us is focused on revenue growth. Sales leaders have a lot of tools that they can use for sales tracking and execution — we help them deploy Salesforce products every day and see the impact that visibility and operational excellence can make on the bottom line. Salesforce makes it easier than ever for teams to track deal progress, generate forecasts, and understand revenue sources.

Sales leaders also need insights into other areas (such as pricing and revenue) of sales performance to better understand and compare team results or manage quotas. They need detailed analytics that provides details like –

  • How is sales performance achievement compared to prior periods?
  • How do my sales teams rank against each other?
  • Which associates are the highest performers?
  • Which associates or segments consistently exceed median performance?
  • And, are assigned quotas realistic for associates?

Here’s where SpringML and Tableau can make a difference: It’s in the Tableau Exchange, and it’s available for you to adapt to your business right now.

Tens of thousands of people have started using the Tableau Exchange to jump-start their success with Analytics. Whether they’re new to analytics or are experienced with data and are looking for inspiration, Tableau Accelerators provide everyone with tried-and-true methods to solve their business challenges. Tableau Accelerators also address the needs of multiple audiences, from executive scorecards to actionable insights for operational managers.

Even better, all Tableau Accelerators are freely available for anyone to use. All you need is a licensed or active trial of Tableau Desktop. Tableau Exchange is one of the key places where you can democratize data analytics. When our team started thinking about common use cases that ALL of our customers need to solve, one topic quickly became the most obvious candidate for a Tableau Accelerator: Revenue Performance. The value that our customers have realized from the revenue analytics built by our teams has helped change their businesses, and we know from experience that providing executives and front-line managers with rapid insights into performance versus quotas and pricing analytics, areas of opportunities, and risks, helps them make better decisions, faster.

Check out our new Tableau Accelerators for yourselves, and please get in touch with us to find out how we can help make an impact in your organization with revenue metrics and with the strategy, skills, and community that you need to enable YOUR thriving Culture of Analytics.

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