COVID-19 SpringML Banking Einstein AI Chatbot with SMS

Combining the power of Einstein AI with the popularity of SMS to create a multichannel user experience to help business owners during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis

Einstein AI Chatbot

During this COVID pandemic crisis SpringML has had the opportunity to help our customers with interesting and unique business challenges.  One of these inquiries came from a banking prospect that needed to deflect support calls for emergency CARE business loans and applications. 

To address this urgent need, SpringML tapped into the capabilities of Salesforce Einstein AI Chatbot and the new (
Spring ‘19) SMS text messaging channel functionality to create the SpringML Banking Chatbot with SMS solution. Our Chatbot enabled a multichannel experience so customers can interact with their preferred platform when checking on the status of their business loans. This solution reduced effort in the application process, reduced support cases, and the need for a live agent.

SpringML Banking Chatbot = Einstein AI Chatbot + SMS

The solution consisted of creating an Einstein AI Chatbot to access customer loan information using SMS as one of the channels to deflect primarily Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) coming to the support desk.  These FAQ  accounted for  80% of calls according to our customer.  

SpringML’s Banking Chatbot combines the power of Einstein AI chatbot with a model for FAQs and learns from daily interactions with customer conversations.  We leverage the popularity of the SMS channel and the capabilities of the SDFC platform (APEX, Flows, Process Builder). A very important component of our solution is the use of Knowledge to access and present relevant articles to the customer.

How does the SpringML Banking Chatbot with SMS converse with a customer?

When a customer interacts over SMS, a welcome message and menu are presented with options for the most common FAQs.   The user can easily navigate the menu options by pressing/entering a number 1-6 for the desired menu option.

Once the interaction begins, the SpringML Banking chatbot uses its Einstein AI to capture and understand the customer inputs from the menu options and responds with the appropriate information using AI and leveraging the SFDC platform.  Some of these responses include document links, knowledge articles,  or the creation of support cases.

The SpringML Banking Chatbot includes Knowledge to allow customers to quickly enter keywords and search for matching articles from their mobile device.

At the end of each menu and after the Einstein chatbot replies an option is presented to continue or end the conversation.

If the customer decides to continue the conversation, the main menu is presented.  An option is also available to allow the customer to be transferred to a live support agent.  Important to note that if the user decides to chat with a Live Agent, the conversation will continue using the same SMS channel to improve the user experience.

Setup and Deployment of the SMS channel

A requirement to deploy the new channel messaging functionality is to have Salesforce Service and Live Agent licenses. In addition to these two licenses, it is required to get the Service Lighting Experience with Digital Engagement add-on to enable messaging functionality. For our Chatbot solution, we configure Knowledge to allow articles as a menu option.

Once the correct licenses have been installed, a form needs to be completed with Salesforce to activate a US phone number as the SMS channel to be used to communicate with customers.  The process is well described in the following online document which includes the completion of an LOA and creation of a support case.

Once the SMS number has been activated the next step is to activate Messaging channels and create the SMS channel.

After this SMS channel is activated you will go to your Einstein chatbot and add the new SMS channel.  For our use case, we have a multichannel chatbot to communicate using the same bot using Community Cloud and SMS.  Also, the SMS channel is set up to be used and leveraged by a Live Agent if the customer decides to be transferred for additional help.


SpringML clearly identified the power of this messaging channel feature and created a solution to help customers during these times of uncertainty. This SpringML Banking Chatbot with SMS solution can be used across other industries wanting to create a personalized multi-channel journey experience when interacting and conversing with their customers in their preferred app.   

Call the Einstein AI chatbot and SMS experts, for more information.