Data is driving care throughout the patient lifecycle

Whether they’re addressing trends in healthcare or actually driving them, the key stakeholders in the space (providers, insurers, public health officials, and others) agree that tech tools are playing a larger role in every aspect of patient care. Recently the Director of Global Healthcare at Salesforce, Dalton Divakaran, shared a Deloitte study showing that “Virtual care is quickly becoming the next frontier with at least 25% of all outpatient, preventative, long-term care, and well-being services forecasted to move to digital delivery by 2040.” While the pandemic forced people across the industry to adjust, reports have shown that patients have embraced digital health telecare and want to continue its use. In addition, the sector continues to evolve, and all parties need to be prepared for the next big disruption.

So while tools for virtual care and visits have been center stage, what roles do data access and analysis play? It’s clear that effective collaboration between various organizations requires the ability to share and analyze information to understand patient status and optimize outcomes, especially regarding topics such as vaccination status and plan enrollment. In fact, tapping into data assets and utilizing visualization tools are driving innovative approaches to both public health and personal care.

To learn more, please join us for our roundtable discussion on “Digital Transformation for the Patient Lifecycle: A Response to Industry Trends and Challenges.” Experts from UnitedHealthcare, Salesforce, and SpringML will tackle these topics and deliver insights on data-driven solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations.

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