Dreamforce 2019 Recap and Key Take Aways

As we settle back in after Dreamforce 2019, my team and I are humbled and grateful to our continued and growing Salesforce Partnership. This year was even more special because we achieved our Silver Partner status.

Here’s our take on the Dreamforce announcements and how we align with the Salesforce vision for Customer 360 and Single Source of Truth.

CRM Embedded Analytics to Enterprise Analytics

The acquisition of Tableau has made Salesforce a strong leader in the analytics space. Salesforce customers now have an end-to-end business intelligence portfolio with Tableau, Datorama and CRM Analytics. We are super excited about these acquisitions and are working closely with each of our customers to define what their unique analytics roadmap looks like across Salesforce platform.

Enterprise Integration

Data integration still remains one of the most labor intensive activities in IT. As organizations adopt hybrid and multi-cloud strategies across complex organizations the integration challenges only get worse. The new features announced in the Mulesoft platform begin to provide an answer to the integration nightmare our customers face as they speed up their cloud adoption. By simplifying deployment of integration services, micro-services and advanced integration for ML operationalization and analytics, our customers have a leg up with Salesforce integrations to unlock the potential of Customer 360 from back office to front office. 

Einstein Bots

We saw a major uptick in Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engagements for Salesforce workflows in 2019 and we foresee an upward trend in 2020. We expect an increase in integrations of Einstein Bots to the core Salesforce platform as well as the adoption of Einstein Voice. We recently released a Healthcare Payer chatbot now available in the AppExchange, which is our initial investment in Einstein Bots.

SpringML Healthcare Payer Bot

Customer 360 and Single Source of Truth

We are excited about the Customer 360 vision and a Single Source of Truth model because we are in the business of understanding how data and a solid data management strategy can help enterprises transform. We’ve spent the last five years 100% dedicated to building the expertise to help our clients understand their customer data and enable smart workflows on the Salesforce platform. We’ve invested in a deep understanding of analytics, AI/ML, data infrastructure and integration to create prediction models, understand and improve customer experience, and help our customers make better business decisions with data. 

In 2020 our focus will be on helping Salesforce users better manage their data on the Salesforce Platform, take advantage of analytics and AI with Tableau, CRM Analytics, and Datorama, and streamline integrations and microservices with Mulesoft. As our customers harness the power of machine learning and AI for their unique Customer 360 vision and analytics journey with Salesforce we aim to be a dedicated collaboration partner.