Dreamforce Day Three: Wrapping Up with Key Takeaways

With Dreamforce 2022 concluding, the exhausted attendees, sponsors, and other stakeholders head home thinking: What are the main lessons learned? What is the top priority for our customers, and what is expected of us now?

Throughout the week, whether at our booth, at sponsored events, or after a session, so many customers had questions about forecasting, revenue intelligence, and the use of AI in managing sales pipelines. We weren’t surprised that people who were already familiar with SpringML would ask us, given our recently announced status as a preferred partner for revenue intelligence and our expertise in forecasting. But even attendees speaking with us for the first time mentioned RI and forecasting as top priorities, with interest coming from firms in manufacturing, finance, technology, and other industries.

In addition, it was impossible to overlook the interest in the new Genie platform for real-time CRM. The Salesforce executive leadership is so confident in its success that CEO Marc Benioff shared a tweet showing him wearing bunny ears in honor of the new mascot for the offering. Still, any breaking news will generate more questions than answers, at least initially, so here are a few that we’ll be keeping an eye on:

  • Which industries are the best candidates for Genie? HLS is an obvious one, given the amount and distribution of data involved, but which other verticals stand out?
  • Genie runs on Hyperforce, but currently, Hyperforce is not available in all regions. How long will it be before both offerings can be used as universally as most other Salesforce services?
  • With the “Bring your own AI” aspect of the open data platform, Salesforce cites Amazon as a key alliance, but which other partners are ready to drive innovation in this area?

Got questions? Contact us today at info@springml.com.

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