Dreamforce Day Two: AI, Analytics, and New Additions at Salesforce

If the microprocessor was the defining technology of the late twentieth century, artificial intelligence and machine learning were, by every conceivable measure, poised to become the signature advancements of the twenty-first.
-Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce (from his book Trailblazer)

The AI and automation-based “customer magic” platform, Salesforce Genie, continued to generate buzz throughout the Moscone Center. (More on that topic in a minute). But even more ubiquitous was the number 360, as understanding customers from every angle was tied into conversations across product lines because, in the end, it’s all about enabling decision-making.

At the Tableau Theater on Wednesday, SpringML experts Joel Day and Deniz Cakmak presented on “Optimizing Your Digital B2B Partnerships with 360 Analytics.” Drawing on recent real user stories, they were able to illustrate how the right strategy and integration can enable stakeholders to make the most of CRM Analytics, by accessing a single true source of data and gaining a shared view of crucial data. CRMA empowered the users to monitor the performance of digital partners, gain insights through key trends and predictions, and initiate proactive interventions all in one place. (Offerings such as SpringForward for CRM Analytics accelerate deployment and adoption, so customers can realize the benefits of Salesforce more quickly).

The conference wraps up Thursday. For a fun read on the new Salesforce character Genie the Rabbit, who joins fellow Salesforce entertainers Astro and Einstein, see here. To learn more about SpringML’s work delivering CRM Analytics solutions for Turo, see our recent press release.

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