Enablement is all about Data: ROI, KPIs, and more

76% of Sales Enablement Professionals Can’t Prove Their ROI

– CSO Insights 1

Is data now recognized as a driver for team enablement? We have accepted that data is a critical driver for most aspects of a business: forecasting, customer retention, and even talent acquisition, but have leaders overlooked the benefits of integrating it into their enablement programs? After all, like numbers themselves, the uses of data are infinite.

We know that in recent years, CRM and other marketing, sales, and service tools have evolved quickly and become more accessible and powerful than ever, utilizing AI for advanced analytics and automation on the cloud. Beyond the basics of housing and organizing data on customers and prospects, today people expect their systems to provide forecasts, real-time ROI, and the ability to track and analyze customer experience. According to the 2021 Salesforce State of CRM Report, 79% of organizations will be using AI-powered CRM automation by the end of this year.

When it comes to Salesforce enablement, though, few organizations are taking advantage of these technologies, and instead, rely on simply uploading files to a shared folder, with no method of tying specific assets and programs to specific outcomes. How many companies can track the ROI of their enablement programs as the business environment evolves more quickly and becomes more competitive? How many companies have platforms that enable them to create customized programs, offer in-app guidance, and improve seller efficiency overall with AI-powered tools?

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