FaxML Solution

When a doctor prescribes a procedure like an MRI scan for a patient, there are a lot of manual steps involved. First the prescription is usually transmitted over fax to the appropriate hospital that’s going to perform the procedure. At the hospital, several manual steps are taken to take the faxed document, extract the contents, and update an EHR application. This takes up valuable time from staff and can cause both delays and errors due to the nature of the task.

healthcare manual workflow

SpringML’s FaxML solution automatically extracts relevant details from documents and can eliminate the manual steps involved. Here’s what the updated flow looks like.

machine learning workflow

Here’s an example of how SpringML extracts the relevant details from a typical procedure prescription.

SpringML extraction technique

SpringML FaxML Solution

By applying advanced Machine Learning based document extraction techniques, SpringML is able to automatically extract details from paper documents. The format of this document can change based on the clinic requesting the procedure. FaxML’s ML models are document agnostic and work even when the document type is unknown.

To see SpringML’s FaxML in action, watch our demo and see how we automatically extract various fields and automate workflows using Machine Learning.

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