From Dashboards to the Intelligent CRM

It’s been over three years since I was building my first “Wave” dashboards on the Salesforce platform, and the capabilities of Einstein Analytics have grown exponentially since those days. What used to be a nice visualization tool with a slick data engine has become a powerful analytics platform that fuels an intelligent user experience.

While we can certainly continue to create dashboards using Einstein Analytics, the sophisticated platform features allow us to embed smart visualizations into the Salesforce workflow of every end user in order to drive valuable action. We’ve helped oil and gas companies run weekly meetings with data from several source systems without leaving Salesforce. We’ve assisted countless sales teams across many industries better manage pipeline and prioritize selling efforts. Whether you’re in marketing, finance, product development, or any other team, you can benefit from an intelligent experience.

Einstein Analytics can help you avoid cycles of requests from your IT team for new reports and doesn’t require you to toggle between multiple applications to get the information you need to make smarter business decisions. And, the improvements to the product over the last three years have unlocked the power to use the tool by limiting the amount of custom JSON and advanced SAQL – in other words, you don’t need to be a certified developer to get started anymore.

At SpringML, we are focused on helping you create a vision for intelligent user experience and then rapidly drive value with incremental implementation. We’ll be with you every step of the way so that your end users will be wowed and your power users quickly develop self-sufficiency.

What do we mean by “embedding dashboards”?

Pretty much anyone in business nowadays knows the traditional dashboard. Identify a handful of metrics or KPIs, pull together a few charts, and lay things out in a grid as a dashboard. These have value, no doubt, and can help business users uncover trends, identify problem areas, or track progress to a goal. But, dashboards are typically the product of a business intelligence application which is often disconnected from core enterprise applications. More often than not, these “dashboards” still sit in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. There are two problems with this. First, dashboards end up becoming a management tool which does not empower end users. Second, the process of reviewing a dashboard becomes a separate activity and not a part of the live decision-making process for the countless decisions a company makes every day.

When we talk about embedding a dashboard, we aim to streamline the scope and size of the dashboard, target it specifically for the right user persona, and bring it to life in the end user workflow where that data will become most useful. This could still take the form of a performance-related dashboard (imagine a sales rep performance dashboard that guides a manager through a weekly one-on-one), but it could also take the form of nuggets of insight that have traditionally been reserved for static, boring, rollup KPIs on a record detail page.

Salesforce Dashboard

The real power in Einstein Analytics and embedded dashboards comes with the action framework. Any standard or custom action built in your Salesforce org can also be exposed to elements of the dashboard. These can be simple actions like assigning tasks, posting to Chatter, or opening records to be edited. These can also be advanced, custom actions like adding contacts to a campaign or new products to a given opportunity.

Salesforce Dashboard

We’ve only Scratched the Surface

These are just a sampling of the newer and more powerful ways that companies of all sizes can leverage Einstein Analytics. We’ve only scratched the surface and not even talked about Einstein Discovery, predictive forecasting, and other cool advanced features. If you want to learn more, I invite you to check out a recent webinar “Insight to Action in 30 Days Using Einstein.” 

This webinar covers:

  • Embedding Einstein to Create Analytics-First Experience
  • Machine Learning Insights with Clicks Not Code
  • Creating Infographic-like Dashboards Using Pages
  • Spring ‘19 Enhancements

Salesforce + SpringML

SpringML is the leader in Einstein Analytics implementations. We have successfully implemented over 100 projects and take pride in building dashboards that are useful to business users. We start with the end goal which is to help customers make an informed decision. We build beautiful dashboards that are aesthetically pleasing and also provide actionable insights.  If you’d like SpringML to help you realize the benefits from Salesforce Einstein, get in touch today!