Google Cloud Next 2022 Recap

This was our 6th Google Cloud Next event, and SpringML was proud to be a Premier level sponsor. Here are some of our observations and highlights from the event.

We were honored to have Utah Department of Transportation and Caliber Collision present with us on the case studies and their experience with Google Cloud and SpringML.

Google Cloud has come a long way under the leadership of Thomas Kurien. It was evident from the real customer case studies, Enterprise-grade platform, and constant innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We welcome you to read on further as we highlight the key announcements.

Security – Not a Bolton but from the ground up.

One of the biggest attention grabbers for us is the focus on security. SpringML is a trusted partner for customers in their data journey. It’s difficult to separate security from data-related conversations. The integration of Mandiant and Data Security features such as DLP, Redaction, tight integration to Document AI are super relevant for customers looking to build a modern data platform in the cloud. Google Cloud is well positioned to provide an advanced comprehensive Data security for compliant based regulated industry customers.

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SpringML team loves working with Looker. It’s a great platform to drive the last-mile analytics and insights to actions for business users, allowing them to make informed decisions. Integrating Looker administration under a common center and providing an upgrade path for customers from Data Studio is a welcoming move. This will help customers to get started quickly in Data Studio and have an upgrade path to comprehensive Looker features.

View sample security assessment

BigQuery is a Platform

We highlighted this in the 2019 Google Next recap. BigQuery is not a data product but we consider it as a platform. Most of the customers fall in love with BigQuery, which, in our opinion,is a big reason to increase adoption of Google Cloud. Ecosystem of products such as Data Catalog, Dataplex, Analytics Hub, BigQueryML, and Looker, with tight integration to BigQuery, is a huge advantage for Google Cloud.

Translation Hub

Translation Hub is a new AI agent announced by Google Cloud at Google Cloud Next ‘22. A key goal of this agent is to reduce and eliminate dependency on 3rd party vendors for translation work, as well as to have translations done faster and cheaper.

Key features include:

  • Self-service, zero-code document translation for 135 languages
  • Custom Translation (AutoML) in 63 languages
  • Ingest and translate content from common document types, including Google Docs and Slides, PDFs, and Microsoft Word.
  • Preserves layouts and formatting and supports post-editing human-in-the-loop feedback, and document review.
  • Integrated with Google AI BYO Human-In-The-Loop
  • Translation Quality Prediction
  • Translation Memory
  • Deploy in seconds
  • Works intuitively with Google Drive
  • Per page pricing
  • Complete data encryption

Need for fast tracking Google Cloud adoption. Solutions as opposed to bespoke solutions.

As highlighted by Thomas Kurien in his opening keynote, customers are looking for industry vertical solutions and not just implementation services. At SpringML, we have built solutions to address specific use cases. Here are a few solutions that we would like to highlight:

Vision AI Solution

SpringML provides out-of-box, and end-to-end AI solutions for image, video, and vision AI use cases. Built with customized smart AI solutions to enable better infrastructure management, faster processing of documents, revolutionize patient care, and much more.

Medical Imaging Solution in Google Cloud

SpringML provides a robust cloud-based infrastructure to support high computational power and the ability to manage large volumes of medical image data–all built on Google Cloud.

Omnichannel Engagement

SpringML facilitates your omnichannel strategy with a seamless transition and connection across all your channels to deliver a consistent, personalized, and exceptional customer experience.


Here at SpringML, our stance on Google Cloud as a long-term strategic partner remains the same: we are bullish and extremely interested to see what’s coming up in the future. Even though we have completed over 400 Google Cloud projects, we feel that it’s just Day 1.

Google Cloud’s investments in various industry verticals is helping focused partners like us to stand out. Our strong technical expertise combined with our domain expertise in Public Sector, Retail, and Healthcare and Life Sciences, resonates with the Google Cloud Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy and perfectly aligns with customer requirements.

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