Google Cloud Next ’22 – things that caught my attention

From the keynote and prediction sessions. Predictions were being made for year-end 2025. As a side note, regardless of which predictions come true, I love the idea because it gives us insight into where Google is placing its bets

Keynote Session (in no particular order)

  • Translations Hub and its support for 135 languages including the ability to translate across languages without the aid of a direct translation. This is truly an embodiment of Thomas Friedman’s book “The World Is Flat”. At a personal level, there are so many practical uses including recreational travel. I recall in the summer of 2019, when I took a sabbatical, I traveled to Japan on a lark and the trip was a blast. While I didn’t use Google Translate everywhere in Japan, this can be mighty useful in other places where English is less common
  • Project Starline will utilize augmented reality to make virtual conferences feel more real
  • Analyzing medical images from Johns Hopkins in seconds vs. hours
  • Partnership with Ford to enable Ford to become a digital leader in the auto industry
  • Partnership with Coinbase for web3 infrastructure and transition of Coinbase workloads to the cloud
  • BigQuery Omni product that can significantly save egress costs if data resides in other clouds
  • GKE Autopilot –> this should help ease adopting containerization
  • Software Delivery Shield to ease the risk of incorporating open-source software
  • Partnership with Nvidia to counter the slowdown of Moore’s law
  • Use of AI/NLP in Workspace to build marketing videos on the fly
  • Eco-friendly routing in Google Maps

Watch the full keynote session here.

Predictions Session

  • SecOps workflows will increasingly get automated and be managed as code
  • AI will drive a 4-day work week –> bold, I love it
  • 90% of enterprise data will be actionable in real-time in ML models. I believe the current number is in the 30s
  • Boundaries between analytical and transactional workloads will start dissolving –> with the continual growth of compute horsepower, I buy into this one
  • Half of the cloud infrastructure decisions will be automated based on usage patterns –> bold but enterprises will be more than happy IMO if this prediction is even half accurate
  • Transitioning across hyperscalers and even utilizing multiple hyperscalers in parallel will become a commodity
  • Half of the applications will be built by non-professional developers –> I’m a little skeptical about this one

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Google Cloud Next 2022 – A Frontier for Digital Transformation

The three-day mega event was a great opportunity to hear from thought leaders and developers from all over the world. We also learned about some exciting product announcements and customer stories that go into detail about the Google Cloud portfolios. I’d like to reiterate what I said in my previous blog that the “sky is literally the limit on how technology can be used to optimize and automate.

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