Highlighting SpringML’s COVID-19 Solutions

While we are all glad to put 2020 in hindsight, the COVID-19 global pandemic showed us just how innovative and nimble we could be in the face of a challenge. SpringML honed in on our machine learning, app development and analytical capabilities to create solutions in partnership with Google Cloud for organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. As we move to the critical last mile, the vaccination phase, technology will be the biggest driver to ensure citizens are kept up to date and enable mass vaccination appointments without disruption.

Here are a few applications we have delivered to support exposure containment and vaccine delivery:

COVID exposure apps:

Google and Apple built the privacy preserving exposure notification framework to help public health authorities fight against COVID-19. SpringML, in partnerships with multiple states including Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia and Utah, supported the roll out resulting in hundreds of thousands of downloads. This allowed States to provide proactive notifications to affected and exposed users on a timely basis.

Patient intake apps:

COVID response resulted in the need for smart applications, ones that could be developed and delivered rapidly but also supported large user activity. We worked with the City of Las Vegas to build a platform agnostic application to manage the entire COVID-19 patient intake process.

Safe traveler apps:

We partnered with the State of Hawaii to digitize and simplify the screening process for those traveling in and out of the state. This application is used by all the visitors coming to the island and is a critical component to ensure the State follows up with visitors on any COVID related symptoms.

Improper payments:

States are experiencing high volume of unemployment insurance claims due to the pandemic. This resulted in bad actors trying to get away with false unemployment claims. SpringML created a solution using machine learning and advanced data analytics to help government agencies detect suspected fraudulent claims and reduce time spent reviewing applications as they work to process high numbers of social services claims.

Vaccine management & distribution:

Established an end-to-end vaccine management platform, from provider enrollment all the way through to post-vaccine tracking.

Vaccine pre-screening and scheduling:

SpringML, in partnership with Google Cloud, has built a secure and scalable platform to support States, Counties and Cities to open registration, perform eligibility screening, manage scheduling and deliver COVID-19 vaccinations in a timely manner.

HR COVID Tracking:

HR COVID-19 Tracker allows Human Resource Departments to report and track COVID-19 cases during quarantine and isolation periods, adapt to the changing state regulations and requirements and send communications and work notices to employees.

Although we shut the door on 2020, the lingering impact of COVID-19 will still be felt for quite some time. To discuss how SpringML can help your organization rapidly and efficiently implement COVID-19 response solutions, contact us at [email protected]