Highlights from Google Cloud Public Sector Summit

We started SpringML with a mission of helping enterprises with their data. Now more than ever data is a critical asset that helps companies make informed decisions. We are honored and humbled to work with several public sector customers as their agents of change for data-driven digital transformation projects. Here’s our take on the Google Cloud Public Sector Summit and how we align with Google Cloud’s open cloud strategy.

Pandemic accelerated digital transformation

This year presented many unimaginable global challenges. In recent months, organizations worldwide have been abruptly transitioning to this new normal of how we live and work — from remote work to a rapid acceleration of digital initiatives. This pandemic is laying bare that sustained investment in digital services from the government will be crucial for recovery and resilience towards a post-pandemic world. Cloud is the singular answer to drive accelerated digital transformation.

Data driven digital transformation

Government agencies of all sizes need to be effective and efficient, and it needs to move fast. These changes drive agencies to modernize their technology infrastructure by rapidly leveraging cloud capabilities to modernize the delivery of tech-enabled digital services, optimize costs, improve efficiency and operational agility. Among many things, the pandemic only accelerated the cloud adoption and adoption is even more faster in the public sector. The need to augment human capabilities with data driven decision making enables agencies to serve the citizens better.

Why is Google Cloud a better fit for Public Sector Customers?

Google Cloud offers the ability to accelerate digital transformation efforts and innovation by best leveraging data assets. There are three primary advantages in leveraging the Google Cloud platform for public sector projects.

Best in class Infrastructure-as-a-service:

Google owns and operates one of the world’s largest global-scale distributed networks. Google Cloud’s footprint spans 61 zones and over 130 points of presence across more than 35 countries worldwide. Google Cloud uses advanced software-defined networking and edge caching services to deliver fast, scalable, and consistent performance.

Move fast with Hybrid and Multi-cloud:

Being tied to a particular cloud shouldn’t get in the way of achieving your goals. As a result of this philosophy, the Google platform provides the most choice and flexibility for giving customers options to build, migrate, and deploy their applications both in the cloud and on-premises. Make applications and services portable and provide consistent experiences across on-premises, public, or private cloud without the fear of vendor lock-in. Anthos, Google’s hybrid and multi-cloud platform, delivers consistent development and operations experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Comprehensive platform for AI-led digital transformation:

AI is increasingly the new frontier in digital transformation. Google’s AI platform offers the most comprehensive machine learning services for developers and data scientists, with in-house inventions like Kubeflow, which combines the best of Google’s other innovations like TensorFlow and Kubernetes to enable an organization to operationalize AI at scale. Google AI, combined with Google’s big data technology innovations like MapReduce, Bigtable, Dremel, and cloud data warehousing solutions like BigQuery, can accelerate your time-to-insight.

At SpringML, we’re honored to be the Google Cloud’s Partner of Choice for Public Sector customer transformations. We’re humbled to help state and local governments bring the best Google Cloud has to offer to solve unprecedented challenges.

We bring data, cloud and our accelerators together to unlock data-driven insights and automation

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