HIMSS 2021 Highlights : 3 C’s Change, Care , & Communication

The theme for this year’s HIMSS was “Be the Change”. Change can sometimes seem like a double-edged sword as advances in technology may come with new challenges.

Let’s discuss the 3C’s in detail:


For almost 30 years, 15 minutes became the standard time length for primary care patient visits. The advent of EHR systems made it easier to collect, store, and monitor patient outcomes. As a result, healthcare professionals are now splitting time between documentation and evaluation.


While the length of time does not necessarily indicate the value of care, it impacts the patient experience. In some instances, the process for patients to fill out medical forms, schedule visits, and wait to be attended by a physician can exceed the length of the appointment itself.

AI becomes a necessity for patient care, as Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations look to improve patient experience.

AI-Powered solutions like virtual agents can reduce friction by saving the patient’s time trying to find, contact, and schedule an appointment with a provider. Additionally, remote patient monitoring can bridge the gap in health care accessibility for underprivileged and rural communities. On the other hand, voice transcription and document digitization can help reduce the administrative tasks burdening healthcare professionals.


With criteria such as re-admissibility being refactored into how patient outcomes are measured, greater cohesion is being required from pharma, payer, and provider networks.

Value-based healthcare is redefining patient success. Open communication across providers, pharma, and payers can close the feedback loop and improve patient outcomes. With these insights, pharma companies can reduce the gap in research and development while providers can monitor patient health.

Change, Care, & Communication on the Cloud.

The Google Cloud Platform has been pivotal for the change in the Healthcare & Life Sciences landscape. When COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions were introduced, SpringML along with GCP rapidly responded to the need for contact tracing by developing the COVIDWISE App. As various states struggled to manage the vaccine inventory and scheduling, SpringML and GCP partnered to design an end-to-end application to streamline the processes.

SpringML and Google Cloud are committed to driving change in Healthcare and Lifesciences by improving the quality of care for all patients.