Learn How Salesforce Einstein Bots Improve Customer Experience

Bots replacing live agents

Salesforce has launched the new SF Einstein AI Bot capability.  The purpose of this new Einstein feature is to allow customers and partners to create intelligent bot agents which can serve as the first line of support in helping customers with simple but essential service inquiries.   

These inquiries can include providing the status of an order, updating an appointment, canceling a reservation or initiating a field service request.   

Are Bots being used to reduce live agents?

The idea when implementing these intelligent bots is NOT to replace valuable live agents who serve customers on a daily basis. Rather, bots are being used to defer commonly asked questions providing faster and accurate resolution and an improved customer experieince.  

If a customer logs in to a website or community portal, these intelligent Salesforce bots can quickly locate customer accounts and promptly respond with needed information.  

The other beneift to bots is they are designed to be mobile friendly and give customers the opportuntiy to ask for help and resolve issues 24/7.  

Salesforce Bots Use Natural Language and Trained AI Models

HC Payer Bot

The Salesforce Einstein AI bot uses machine learning and natural language to create a model using a list of potential customer questions.  This is used to train and tune the AI model so it can reply to customer inquiries with accurate responses. This AI model is a primary differentiator of the Salesforce Bot as it adds intelligence to create conversations with users.

The Einstein bot comes equipped with AI as well with all SF platform features that can be leveraged such as APEX, when building powerful and functional bots for your business.

Salesforce Einstein AI bot Features & Benefits

The new Einstein AI bot has a a variety of features and beneifts.  Those at the top of the list include:

1) Einstein AI bot’s user interface helps users quickly implement and deploy new customer service bots. 

2) The Einstein bot is equipped with the tools to allow full integration  to SFDC allowing access to customer data, creation of business logic using SF Apex classes, triggers and the process builder platform. 

3) Einstein bot uses natural language and  Salesforce AI platform services to load possible customer questions and train the model to become smarter when engaging in a customer conversation.

As customers prepare to serve current and future generations of their customers, Salesforce Einstein bot is definitely a winner for its ability to leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and the addition of the AI/NLP engine.

With over 150+ implementations, SpringML can help your business reach new heights using its industry, business and expert-driven services. If you are ready to learn how the Salesforce Einstein Bots can help improve customer experience, talk to our experts now.