How Salesforce Genie Solves Problems Across Industries

Dreamforce ‘22 revealed the rollout of Salesforce Genie, a real-time platform that harnesses your customer’s data and updates it up to every millisecond. Genie is an incredibly powerful combination of technologies that enables your internal and external teams to work together more efficiently to meet your customers proactively on their journey.

In the past, Customer Data Platforms(CDPs) have been thought of solely as a marketing tool, where the main goal is to source all siloed data under one single source of truth. Genie differentiates itself by making all of your data available in Customer 360, in real-time. Imagine the impact of layering Genie on top of products like Tableau or CRM Analytics – Artificial Intelligence now updates in real-time, automated workflows can adapt to new data in milliseconds, prescriptive analytics are available quicker, and Revenue Intelligence enables data-driven selling at an even faster level.

Some potential use cases are:

  • Your healthcare customer deals with patients who frequently have urgent health needs. Within seconds, your doctor can deliver suggestions to their patient with access to real-time patient data.
  • Your manufacturing customer is having a malfunction in the robotics powering your supply chain. In real-time, this triggers an alert to your CDP that halts all new orders from coming in until the issue is rectified.
  • Your tech partner’s social media platform goes down. In real-time, a notification is proactively sent out to users trying to access the page letting them know of the issue and alleviating the support team from thousands of incoming emails.

It may sound like magic, and in a way, it is: The magic of Genie.

Genie connects to each and every Salesforce Cloud, spanning from the core products of sales, service, and experience, to Slack, Tableau, and CRMA. The value of adding Genie to your tech stack can not be understated: Every 12 hours the amount of data available worldwide is doubling. Genie helps you make it easy for all of your customers to make sense of their data from any system or stream and integrate it into Customer 360, all while adding an additional layer of personalization. The sheer cost of not having the most immediate data can lead to poor reviews on social media pages, a loss of efficiency, or lost revenue.

Let’s take a deeper look into the relationship between Tableau, Genie, and CRM analytics thus far. What you can envision is a bridge between Tableau and Genie that brings in Salesforce data for greater visualization and analysis. Though Salesforce and Tableau were previously thought to be jointly connected through the ecosystem, the Salesforce Genie integration bridges the gap even more by making all integrated data connected in milliseconds. This is a major update to the Salesforce back-end platform enabling real-time data to be embedded into all areas of the customer data platform. It makes your data visualization tools even more accurate and powerful than before and allows your team to harness the data effectively.

SpringML is the pioneer and leader in helping your customer with all of their data needs. Data is in our DNA, which is why we are so passionate about what the introduction of Salesforce Genie means in revitalizing our core Salesforce, Tableau, and CRMA solution offerings and quickstarts. From forecasting and pipeline health to determining sales performance trends, stacking Genie on top of your analytics tool will provide an immediate ROI to upsell and retain your customers by tenfold and enable you to better fulfill your customer’s needs.

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