Moving Quickly on Opportunities (No HyperCar Needed)

A few days ago Tableau tracked the Twitter conversations during the recent GP racing event.. Even if you don’t follow the sport, I think anyone interested in statistics and visualizations would see the possibilities for tracking online buzz, identifying trends, and taking advantage of the right information at the right moment.


In our partnership with Salesforce, we’ve found a lot of ways to help customers advance their positions quickly without relying on a custom race car or its equivalent.
Recently, SpringML worked with a Fortune 500 global technology and specialty materials company, Celanese, that needed help with prediction and recommendation capabilities. Celanese needed insights into which projects (Opportunities in Salesforce) were more likely to close. In strong partnership with their team, SpringML built a Project Win Likelihood model in Einstein Discovery. By analyzing the close likelihood scores, leaders at Celanese had the information they needed to guide the sales team on the next appropriate actions to take and to ensure that the projects with the highest close likelihood received immediate attention.

In many cases, it’s the Salesforce project itself that needs to power ahead as quickly as possible. With our SpringForward package offerings for Tableau, CRM Analytics, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more, we can offer a quick turnaround on your current initiative at a fixed price.

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