OData integration to Salesforce Analytics

What is OData?

Definition from odata.org – An open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs in asimple and standard way.

In simple terms, a standard way of representing data that can be easily accessed with APIs.

Data integration folks love it as this simplifies cross platform integration. Major providers Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce support this standard.

Here is a quick demo of integrating OData to Salesforce Analytics.

oData exposed services provide an excellent mechanism to retrieve methods and most provide provision to pagination etc. We have built an apex package which simplifies oData integration into Wave.

  1. Setup a connection.

Sample public OData URLs

2. Select method

3.View the result. Review Metadata, provide dataset name and schedule to automate the integration!



For a detailed demo, please contact [email protected]