Processing documents using Google Cloud’s Human In The Loop Processors

Companies often process documents manually. Manually extracting data is time-consuming and requires a lot of manual effort. With the invention of OCR, the conversion from physical to digital happens quickly and with greater speed. But OCR works on rules and templates, which requires an expensive setup and more human effort. With a combination of OCR and AI, the companies can adapt rapidly changing conditions and customize its process accordingly.

Google’s Document AI provides OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities by leveraging advanced deep-learning neural network algorithms. But while dealing with complex data, we often need human review to check the consistency and compliance of the extracted data. Google Human In The Loop Processors provides workflow and Labeler workbench to review, validate and correct the given data.

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Human in the Loop Reference Workflow

The following diagram provides a high-level reference workflow built on HITL and human review is only needed when a document’s confidence level falls below a certain threshold.

HITL Reference Workflow
  • Receives document processing request from the client
  • Documents stored in the GCS bucket
  • HITL invoker service invokes the Parser API
  • High confidence predictions will be sent straight-through processing
  • In the case of any inaccuracies, low confidence scores, or exceptions, the specialist receives a notification and opens Validation UI to validate data and handle exceptions in the Labeler workbench as shown below in the figure. Here you can also review all the extracted fields if needed to make sure the data is processed accurately. The below Figure depicts the same.
HITL Reference Workflow
  • After the specialist correction results are stored in GCS bucket
  • API is provided to Client applications to fetch the results


Human in the Loop Platform is in Private GA, along with the below processors.

General Processors

  • Form Parser

Procurement Processors

  • Expense Parser
  • Invoice Parser
  • Utility Parser

Lending Processors

  • 1003 Parser
  • 1040 Parser
  • 1040 Schedule C Parser
  • 1040 Schedule E Parser
  • 1099-DIV Parser
  • 1099-G Parser
  • 1099-INT Parser
  • 1099-MISC Parser
  • 1120S Parser
  • Bank Statement Parser
  • HOA Statement Parser
  • Mortgage Statement Parser
  • Pay Slip Parser
  • Retirement/Investment Statement Parser
  • SSA-89 Parser
  • W2 Parser
  • W9 Parser
  • Contract Processors
  • Contract parser


  • Document AI/HITL solutions can be deployed in weeks versus months or years
  • The Human in the Loop processors can be integrated with existing solutions with API
  • With Human in the Loop processors no need to train AI models
  • With Human in the Loop, companies can eliminate large teams, and hire, train, and oversee the quality of human labor. Only a few Specialist pool of experts are required to validate the documents
  • Monitor the productive of workflow with a predefined workflow
  • Ensure the quality of data for downstream business applications


The below video shows how to perform HITL that includes the following capabilities:

  • Configure human review for a processor
  • Create a human review user resource pool
  • Create a test human review task
  • Assign a human review task to a user
  • Complete a human review of a document

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