Proud to Support State of Utah Track COVID-19 Exposure

Over the weekend, SpringML built a “Contact Tracing” application that helps hundreds of call center volunteers and team managers track exposures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the State of Utah.

State of Utah Governor Gary Herbert says the nation’s top infectious disease doctor, Dr Anthony Fauci is impressed with Utah’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lt. Governor of the State of Utah, Spencer Cox said, “Contact tracing is when health officials talk to each person with a case of the virus and identify who they’ve been in contact with. Then they call those people and work to quickly inform and isolate those at risk. This is a much more surgical approach compared to the “sledgehammer way” of requesting everyone stay home.”

In response to the need to track COVID-19 exposures and cases, The State of Utah Department of Health, the Department of Human Resource Management, and the Utah Department of Technology Services rapidly got together to build an app to help monitor cases leveraging Google Cloud.

The State of Utah chose SpringML to build the app for case tracking volunteers.

The app supports volunteers gathering information about citizens who are suspected of exposure and their household members: symptomatic, asymptomatic, or tested positive. Based on this information, call center teams can follow up accordingly and equip citizens with information and resources to help. Callers are working from home with a softphone. Team managers make call assignments each morning and dispatch their teams to make calls. To be effective and support people working from home from a variety of devices, the app had to be platform agnostic and mobile friendly.

“The best thing about it is that the app enables volunteers with very little training to produce reliable, mistake proof contributions to this important cause.  Am really proud of it and fully endorse SpringML. Came through big time.”

Jeff Mulitalo
Deputy Director and Chief Strategy Officer in the State of Utah Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM).

Rapid development and deployment teams are necessary to build this capability quickly. Our team responded quickly to support this surge event with incredible turnaround time.

By building on Google Cloud we were able to turn this high functioning app serving both volunteers and managers in just a weekend.

Utah Active Monitoring App Capabilities

  1. Team Management: Allows team managers to manage their call team’s availability.
  2. Team View: Allows team managers to assign calls and monitor status throughout the day.
  3. My Tasks: User view for callers to work through their list of calls to make.
Utah Active Monitoring App Capabilities

Application Demo on YouTube: COVID-19 Contact Tracking Application

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