Revenue Intelligence moves front and center

Revenue Intelligence is more than a hot new trend, it’s becoming an essential part of a successful business strategy. Firms recognize that to compete effectively, they need to empower their sales organizations to monitor pipeline health, analyze opportunities, and take the best next action. Ventana Research states that “Through 2024, one-half of organizations will deploy AI and machine learning-based technology that will assist field sales with next best action recommendations… It’s important that all customer-facing staff are armed with the right information and insights so that a great customer experience becomes a reality.”

Be it making data-driven business decisions, forecasting with precision, gaining insights into the health of your pipelines, or leveling up your organization with a 360-degree view. Revenue Intelligence helps you weave AI-driven insights into every step of your workflow with analytics tailored for you.

We’re thrilled to announce that Salesforce has chosen SpringML as a preferred partner for the launch of its Revenue Intelligence Quick Starts. The combination of data, AI, and automation brings together the core strengths of the two companies to help their customers stay competitive.

Dave Borelli, Senior VP of Sales at Salesforce, clarifies what distinguishes RI and why it’s such a powerful tool. “Revenue Intelligence is getting real about what’s really happening in your business, so you can take the right steps to grow… Bye-bye, intuition. Hello, data and insights. Shows me how to make the right moves in my pipeline, guides my leaders and reps to win (and win faster), and hits my forecasts every time.”

You can find out more about the partnership on our Revenue Intelligence webpage.

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