Salesforce Customer 360: Here’s why it matters

Technology has given customers more choices and power than ever. The buyer’s options, behavior, and decision-making tools continue to evolve. To understand the complexity of this journey and deliver a more personalized customer experience, a business needs tools that can give them a 360-degree view into the consumer’s lives.

Customer data can help businesses aggregate personal information, behavior, and data. With the power of Salesforce Customer 360, industries can now leverage a single, comprehensive platform to level up their business.

Everything Under One Roof

Salesforce Customer 360 is more than just a CRM and is one touchpoint of customer data for multiple teams. Working together, businesses can deliver personalized experiences and build their relationships. Utilizing the single window of multiple possibilities by empowering the marketing, sales, commerce, and service teams with rich customer data on the Salesforce consumer goods cloud.

Integrated with MuleSoft’s functionalities, Customer 360 enables businesses to understand data, save time and make smarter decisions. Along with its initial capabilities for B2C of Unification of Data and Consent Management, Advanced Audience Segmentation, Personalized Customer Engagement, and AI Optimization, recently Salesforce also added some key features for the consumer industry. With new hurdles such as inflations, pricing, tight margins, and operational issues, Customer 360 taps into:

  • Data integration to deliver profitable growth
    Enabling sales teams to take a deeper look into promotions, budgets, and funds, Salesforce Customer 360 helps manage and allocate trade activity and planning in a single window. Sales representatives can now be more cautious about spending and optimizing their revenues through forecasts and estimates.
  • Crucial selling information at your fingertips! (now offline)
    Most of the time, when sales representatives find themselves on the field, they need access to the selling information. With Salesforce Customer 360, representatives can now calculate the perfect pricing even without connectivity. Taking orders is made much simpler with a glance into the promotions, discounts, and pricing conditions before sealing the deal.
  • Sales automation to boost margins
    B2B Commerce Wholesale Retail App aids the wholesale buying experience for E-commerce organizations. Customer 360 structures sales, and unites buyers and sellers under a single roof to create new revenue streams and expand reach. Buyers can now connect with multiple franchises and have different pricing and product offerings based on the locations and consumer behavior.
  • Delivering customer loyalty through data integration
    Customer 360 creates a holistic trade plan for consumer goods companies. Additionally, the integration with Mulesoft Accelerator acts as a single source of truth for data while keeping customer data standardized. Segmenting audiences and hyper-personalized targeting features help draft communication in a one-on-one approach with customers across channels, to drive better customer engagement and help grow their loyalty.

“These new innovations extend the power of Salesforce Customer 360, giving consumer goods companies a single, comprehensive platform for growing their business”

How is SpringML using Salesforce Customer 360?

SpringML has been an integral part of Customer 360 initiatives for companies of all sizes, working as a trusted partner at every stage of the process. Because of the range of offerings from Salesforce and the need for quick turnaround, SpringML has offered packaged solutions so organizations can see projects completed in weeks instead of months and years, and realize results more quickly. SpringML has supported the Salesforce, Analytics, and AI journeys for over 300 customers and delivered expertise and offerings for every stage of their Salesforce digital transformation strategies, including cloud migration, AI and machine learning, data analytics and visualization, and managed services.

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