Salesforce Trends for 2023

As Salesforce continues to revolutionize the way businesses are run, the technology behind it is evolving at a rapid pace too! Be it Cloud Enhancements or Real-Time Analytics and Insights, Salesforce is just leaving us in awe with its rapidly evolving spree.

At Davos 2018, when asked ‘Where Do You See The World In The Year 2023?’, there were answers from CEOs about the plethora of technological advancements they were looking forward to! Well, most of their predictions are in the making. From Voice and Data in AI-empowered communities to Sustainability Revolution, Revenue Intelligence, and Healthcare practices, all of them have been advancing with a personal touch in accordance with unique business needs.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the 4 Salesforce technology trends you can look forward to in 2023 and how they will shape the future of all businesses.


Communities today play a critical role in decision-making. Their shared values help influence and create a more transparent environment. While each one of us as human beings is leaving a carbon footprint on the planet, did you know our organizations do that too? While it is not easy to reduce those emissions, we found something that might come in handy to help you step up your game in social change.

For a comprehensive sustainability management solution that enables organizations to accurately measure, manage, and report carbon footprint — Check out Net Zero Cloud! Net Zero Cloud also provides a range of tools to help track and manage not just your organization, but also your customers’ and suppliers’ impact. This can include tracking carbon emissions, as well as their sustainability initiatives. As an advancement, the forecasting feature allows us to estimate and assess the impact of sustainability initiatives.


Self-check-ups and virtual consultations have been on the rise since COVID-19. At the very beginning of the outbreak, every industry was shaken, while also placing a great burden on the healthcare industry. Be it Vaccination Data, Patient Details, or Appointments, everything became more complex than it was before. To ensure health and safety, Health Cloud was created to monitor, trace, and conduct wellness tests.

As we step into the future, health data is expected to become more transparent and all the stakeholders within the HLS industry can start thinking of outcome-based quality, providing outstanding care to patients. The latest version, Health Cloud 2.0 by Salesforce aims to bring Intelligent Appointment Management, Health Assessment, and Virtual Care to give an enhanced experience to both users and providers. It is no more necessary for an individual to step into a hospital to get diagnosed, everything is available at your fingertips and at the tap of your screens.


Finally, the Salesforce Experience Cloud. With personalization and the increasing number of choices for anything and everything we want, customer needs and satisfaction act as key retention points. This cloud is made explicitly to help businesses understand and engage with their customers in their comfort zone. Creating personalized experiences, identifying customer needs, and building meaningful relationships.

No matter what industry, the need for a digital journey has become a necessity. Built on Salesforce Customer 360, this platform tracks, designs, integrates data, and builds personalized experiences. Experience Cloud helps businesses create personalized customer journeys that are tailored to each individual customer, making it easier for them to find what they need and deliver a high-quality customer experience.


Always wanted a single unified platform for your data and devices? Salesforce has an advanced platform that brings together data, applications, and devices across cloud, mobile, and on-premises systems. Mulesoft develops, deploys, and manages a wide range of applications no matter the size of the business. It quickly and easily integrates systems and applications, reducing manual effort and accelerating the processes to simplify complexities in your workflow.

Mulesoft today, also provides enhanced security, scalability, and reliability, allowing businesses to securely manage their data and gain insight into their operations. As an enhancement, Mulesoft is now providing advanced analytics, reporting, and machine learning capabilities that help teams like yours gain insights into data and deliver actionable intelligence to drive business decisions.

With these technologies on the horizon, we can look forward to a bright future for Salesforce and a more efficient and effective way of doing business. Considering the impact that advances in AI, machine learning, and conversational interfaces will have on the way businesses interact with their customers, we think the potential for Salesforce technologies will not just stop at social changes and justice, but also create new opportunities for businesses through these disruptive times.

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