SpringML’s Take on Salesforce’s Acquisition of Tableau

Recently we learned that Salesforce has agreed to acquire Tableau Software to expand its position in the analytics market. At SpringML, we believe this is a very exciting acquisition pairing the #1 CRM with the #1 analytics platform. This further enhances Salesforce’s ability to be the platform of choice for digital transformation.

We believe this is a very exciting acquisition pairing the #1 CRM with the #1 analytics platform.

The central mission here at SpringML is to accelerate the time to derive insight and make an impact using data.  As experienced and trusted advisors, we meet customers where they are at in their analytics journey to make incremental progress towards data-driven business decision-making using everything from data visualization to advanced machine learning. Our Salesforce services help enable companies to achieve these goals and the acquisition of Tableau puts another tool in our toolkit as we help customers on their journeys.

We already see many customers who have complementary implementations of Tableau and Einstein and believe that these two products will continue to co-exist, complement their respective strengths, and lay the foundation for empowering all users in an organization to make data-driven decisions at the point of impact.

Tableau’s Strengths

Tableau has made a name for itself and became the market leader by empowering end-users to create compelling data visualizations and democratizing the use of business intelligence capabilities. It has a flexible and sophisticated data prep layer that can connect to enterprise cloud data sources as well as on-premise data warehouses. Powerful dashboard design tools, easy to build formulae, and the flexibility of a hybrid server/desktop model gives Tableau many features which promise to allow Salesforce to scale its market presence in analytics for organizations and teams of many sizes and functions.

Einstein Analytics Strengths

Einstein Analytics has evolved from its early days as “Wave” to be a robust data visualization tool in its own right. Its native integration to Salesforce is a key differentiator and its use as an extension of the core Salesforce platform makes it the go-to choice for users who spend a good deal of their time in Sales, Service, or Community Cloud. The “action framework” allows end-users to immediately perform common (or not-so-common) Salesforce tasks as part of an integrated analytics experience is the height of the product’s USP.

In addition, the expanding suite of Einstein product features available throughout the Salesforce platform takes the data visualization capabilities of both Einstein Analytics and Tableau to new heights. Predictive and prescriptive analytics provided by Einstein Discovery and the Einstein Platform unlock additional ways in which organizations can leverage the power of AI and ML to make an impact with data. This powerful combination gives Salesforce an indisputable edge as the leading platform-based, analytics-enabled application.

Digital Transformation: Unlocking the Power of Data

Organizations are sitting on mountains of data – much of which is still untapped or misunderstood. Salesforce now has three world-class “legs of the stool” which can catalyze digital transformation and unlock the power of this data. First, the CRM and other customer interaction platforms both collect rich data and provide a configurable platform that allows organizations to execute and serve customers. Second, integration capabilities backed by the power of MuleSoft can orchestrate and transform data for both applications and analysis. And third, the newly expanded capabilities of the “Analytics Cloud” (Einstein plus Tableau) can unlock the power of data across an organization’s entire analytics journey from descriptive to prescriptive analytics.

What’s Ahead?

We are excited to see how this will unfold as Salesforce and Tableau unite. We can help you make sense of your analytics journey with Salesforce. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll add more detail on our view on how Einstein and Tableau can complement each other.

In upcoming blogs over the Summer we will share our recommendations for customers that have:

  • Both Salesforce Einstein & Tableau deployed
  • Only Salesforce Einstein deployed and are considering Tableau
  • Only Tableau deployed and are considering Salesforce Einstein

In the meantime, if you’d like to earn about our solution accelerators or jump-start services to successfully deploy Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery contact us today!