Simplifying Complexity – One step at a time: 2022 & Beyond

By now, everyone has understood that AI can solve some of the most complex problems, while enhancing our lives, in a variety of ways. Yet, the first reaction, when faced with a complex problem, is “apprehension”. At SpringML, it’s our primary goal to dispel these apprehensions for our clients. In 2022 we helped many of our clients cross this chasm of apprehension, successfully & with ease.

Our secret is to focus on breaking down complex issues into smaller pieces or finding ways to make sense of them. At a broad level, the following are our key differentiators:

  • Taking a Data-driven approach in looking at/understanding a problem or the overall transformation itself.
  • Determine if AI is an appropriate & effective solution for a given problem. Design an accountable, transparent & fair solution, using AI.
  • Devise our solutions with a Cloud-first mentality. One can unravel the true benefits of AI, only if we could leverage the power of the cloud.
  • We come in with a box full of pre-built Accelerators, which really helps us propel the implementations. We talk in weeks – not in months. Our clients are able to see the working models of the solutions, in a matter of weeks.
  • Specifically, when it comes to the US Healthcare landscape, we have Deep Domain expertise. We understand the implicit/explicit security & regulatory implications of any & every problem we are trying to solve.

By bringing the state-of-the-art solution to our clients, we are providing a strategic advantage to their accelerated growth. By helping clients navigate through complexities with such ease, we have gained the reputation of Simplifying Complexity with a Sprinkle of SpringML’s magic.

Profound feeling, helping our clients achieve their industry imperatives focused on Cost, Quality & Experience. Every organization wants to reduce the cost of operations, and provide the highest quality services with the best consumer experience.

2022 Recap: Doing work that matters

Leveraging AI to reduce cost

A large healthcare provider was using an extensive workforce to manually search through multiple paper forms to identify, abstract, and review vital data necessary to update patient records. This manual effort was time-consuming, expensive, and prone to error. Using the Google Cloud framework and its products, the entire process was automated by SpringML using Vision AI to digitize the manual forms, and leveraging AI/ML to automate the abstraction process. This solution has yielded significant cost savings of $10M/yr and has increased accuracy to 99%. It is also scalable and can be leveraged for other potential areas.

Using ML to increase accuracy & early detection

Labs had to manually scan through multiple images to detect a particular condition. It was expensive & prone to errors. A large healthcare company wanted to manufacture a device that would automatically scan the images & detect the condition automatically. SpringML used machine learning to enable the device to detect the condition early & eliminate cost while increasing accuracy.

Applying ML to deliver holistic care & enhanced customer experience

A healthcare startup wanted to keep track of patients’ vitals using wearables and act in a preventive mode rather than reactive. SpringML designed a machine learning solution to mine the data ingested from these wearables on a regular interval. The end goal of the solution was to help the patients get a proactive interaction from their providers, delivering the best consumer experience and lowering the overall healthcare cost, in the due course.

Transforming IT to provide a strategic advantage

A leading U.S.-based healthcare system had their data housed in disparate systems. The organization wanted to create an integrated IT ecosystem that would consolidate all cross-department data. With the anticipated growth rate, the client wanted to transform their IT landscape, thereby having a strategic leg up against the competition. SpringML assessed the existing landscape and recommended the go-forward architecture to build a comprehensive, agile, scalable, and cost-effective engineering solution. The solution would enable them to look at intelligence derived from the data they had all along, but which they never could look at, due to various constraints. This digital transformation helped the client to predict the future anticipated needs of their customers & go to market faster than ever.

As we celebrate our success in 2022, a few acknowledgments are in order:

  • While there is a myriad of vendors out there, our clients chose to work with us. And for that, we are ever more grateful to all our clients. Thanks for your confidence & trusting us with solving the most complex issues.
  • We owe our big thanks to our partners in Google Cloud – for believing in us to bring the best solutions to our clients.
  • The secret behind SpringML’s magic is our team. Our sincere thanks & appreciation for each & everyone’s dedication & innovation, day in and day out.

As we close the door on 2022 and look ahead to 2023, let’s make the most of every moment and make a positive impact on the world.

Do you remember the scene when Superman starts to fly – as he curls down a bit as though to generate momentum before he takes off the ground, at supersonic speeds? One can relate that with where SpringML is now, at the end of 2022 – in the curled up position where enough momentum has been generated, for us to take flight in 2023.

Here we come – 2023!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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