Slack Analytics and Tableau: Integration Made Easy

Tableau gives users a better understanding of available information by enabling powerful data visualizations and dynamic interactions with the data. Tableau provides intuitive platforms, makes AI capabilities available in a no-code/low-code environment, and includes data literacy and governance. Ultimately, Tableau breaks down barriers between people and data to achieve better business outcomes. Sometimes, breaking down barriers can be achieved simply by delivering the appropriate information to users in the channels where they work.

In Tableau 2021.3 and later, you can get Tableau notifications in Slack for data-driven alerts, sharing activity, and comment mentions. The ease of moving from insight to action is one of the cornerstones to a successful analytics environment. Furthermore, it broadens the audience with whom we may communicate insights, as some persons who might want to extract value from the data may not have access to Tableau but do have access to Slack.

Receive Tableau notifications directly in your Slack workflow. You can remain up to date from anywhere, whether it’s via data-driven notifications when your data reaches a certain level or a notification when someone mentions you in a remark or an item is shared with you. You get insights right at your disposal, and you can simply hop inside Tableau to get answers if you have further questions.

Tableau Integration with Slack enables business to:

  • Share vital insights with everyone who cares to empower others. Bring in additional people to collaborate, do tasks faster, and celebrate wins
  • Keep track of data setup alerts in Slack to notify business users when crucial data changes or reaches a certain level
  • Make faster, wiser decisions. Slack and Tableau let businesses deliver the right data, in the right location, at the right time, to the right people to take action in the flow of business, whether you’re engaging with a larger team or diving further into Tableau

Additionally Integration with slack benefits business by:

  • Empower everyone with insights Stay on top of your data
  • Make smarter decisions, faster
  • Data-driven alerts
  • Ease of Sharing Content

To get started with the Tableau and Slack integration the users require following permissions:

  • Slack administrator permission
  • Tableau administrator permission
  • Connect data as Published Data source/extract to set up alerts

Connect to Publish Data Source

Connect to Publish Data Source-Slack Analytics and Tableau

Create a Tableau Workbook

Create a Tableau Workbook-Slack Analytics and Tableau-Integration Made Easy

After Creating Dashboard and saving the Workbook, click on Explore and select the dashboard:

Explore dashboard-Slack Analytics and Tableau

After Selecting Dashboard, select the Watch option set Alerts

Set Alerts-Slack Analytics and Tableau

Set the trigger alerts and recipients and Boolean condition in the Alert UI

Set the trigger alerts in Alert UI-Slack Analytics and Tableau

After Setting alerts to enable integration with Slack, go to settings and select all the checkboxes of slack

Enable integration with Slack-Slack Analytics and Tableau

Connect Slack by selecting the integration of Slack

Connect-Slack Analytics and Tableau

Following Triggers are generated on Slack

Following Triggers are generated on Slack-Slack Analytics and Tableau-Integration Made Easy

Coming up for Winter 22 Release

  • CRM Analytics for Slack app pilot
  • Browse, search, view, and collaborate on CRM analytics items within Slack
  • Get Slack notifications when metrics meet specified thresholds
  • Receive regular notifications for watchlist metrics and scheduled dashboard snapshots
  • Run Einstein Discovery predictions on Salesforce reports to explore underlying patterns, identify insights, and surface them in Slack

If you have an interest in learning more about how to combine the power of Slack and Tableau to benefit your company’s analytics workload, please reach out to us at

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