Snowflake Cybersecurity Workload

In the current world of big data and vast web interactions, big or small organizations face an evolving cyber threat landscape. Almost 60% of the security professionals agree that their organizations have had at least one security incident or breach in the past 12 months.
At its core, cybersecurity is a data problem. By using data analytics, we can overcome the challenges presented by cyber threats. Generally, data analysts and financial analysts sift through the underlying data to find the causes and recommend solutions to the problems. However, when we do that there are two things lacking – the usability of semi-structured or unstructured security logs, and the speed of combing through petabytes of data.

Systems for security Information Event Management (SIEM) take a while to adjust to changes occurring in the cybersecurity industry. Furthermore, it would probably take security engineers months and millions of dollars to resolve significant security incidents along with sorting through the vast amount of data. The limitations are clear: expensive storage, short retention periods, slow queries, and the exacerbation of data silos. Because of this, enterprise organizations have an immediate need to find a way to accelerate the incident response mechanism.

Snowflake Cybersecurity Features

To mitigate the current long-drawn-out process of the incident response workflow, Snowflake has released a new cybersecurity workload. The focus of this workload uses Snowflake’s vast array of data cloud properties and removes the data silo dependency by breaking them down. These features of Snowflake provide better visibility and deliver advanced analytics to security teams in organizations. It removes the current manual processes and provides a clearer picture of evolving risks in our cyber-dependent world. In addition, it provides a suitable place to store petabytes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data so it can be queried using SQL or python programming interfaces. Finally, it enables security teams with the ability to create interactive, practical data applications, that can serve not just reactive actions but also promote prescriptive measures.

In addition to these capabilities, Snowflake has also built an ecosystem of connected applications partnering with leading vendors to any customers’ data present in Snowflake. It can allow them to use all the features compared to any other full-featured legacy security applications ranging from legacy SIEM systems and vulnerability management to compliance automation and third-party risk management. It does not stop here, with the help of Snowflake’s Marketplace, customers can scroll through multiple public data sources available, to combine their security analytics like the geo-location and threat intelligence datasets.

Power of Snowflake

With the vast array of snowflake capabilities, security engineers and professionals can make advancements in securing data pipelines. For example, with the help of Snowflake’s streaming ingest (public preview), security engineers can create an automated way of consuming security logs to the snowflake data cloud at scale delivering insights and responses in near real-time. In addition, with the introduction of Snowpark (python), security engineers can build data pipelines or machine learning models for use cases like breach detection in their secured unified environment making sure the data remains in their cloud.

To conclude, with the cybersecurity workload now available on Snowflake, organizations can begin to transition the legacy-based security data lake architectures from on-premises which is a slow responsive system to a new modern data lake architecture with real-time response delivery and a modern data platform at its core.

Using Snowflakes’ cybersecurity workload, organizations can position themselves for future success without second-guessing their security and safety. SpringML, a Snowflake Select Technology Partner, has a committed team of qualified experts who can design tailored security solutions with ease and effectiveness. Contact us today at if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of Snowflake’s cybersecurity workload.

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