spring 16 – Custom Actions – Salesforce Analytics

Spring 16 Release introduces more custom actions for Salesforce Analytics cloud! This is a distinct feature that enables users to drive action when looking at patterns/exceptions in data.

Steps to enable custom actions.

Assign Actions

Assign actions to Salesforce 1 actions or Global action. This could be the standard or custom actions using Visualforce pages.

  1. Spring 16 supports new actions – Refer link –
  2. Custom actions can be created using VF pages


Assign to page layout


Update XMD

Sample below


“dimensions”: [


“recordIdField”: “Id”,

“field”: “Name”




Custom Actions are now enabled in both exploration and Dashboard view.



Next level

Since we can use visualforce pages as custom actions. We can even embed wave dashboard within actions!

e.g. When we review an account, we want to look at the forecast.