Spring 16 Release – Salesforce Wave Features – Part1

Spring 16 Release is packed with lot of  features for Salesforce Wave platform. We evaluated the new functionalities and following is the summary of our feedback. In this part we dig deep into Dashboard (Flex) designer.

Grid based designer

New designer takes out the guesswork and makes dashboard development much easier. Grids help with alignment.


We finally can create containers and adding components. This is immensely helps with aligning components.


Undo and Redo

Again a huge productivity booster. Makes it easier to retract changes without losing them.



Create Lens within DB.


Excellent functionality for advanced users this allows to create custom SAQL and compare tables much much faster.



Default Filters

Current release allows to set default filters but have to update every lens separately. This is a elegant way to setup default filters at Dashboard level.