SpringML is a Marquee Sponsor at Google Government Summit on Nov. 15 in Washington, DC

We are thrilled and excited to be a participant at the Google Government Summit in Washington, DC on November 15th. SpringML is a Marquee sponsor for the event.

We have seen government agencies around the world accelerate their digital transformation efforts in the last few years. This has been verified and demonstrated during the pandemic, as digital transformations at that time have had a positive impact. Digital interactions became imperative, and digital transformations proved successful.

Some of the key characteristics, in our view, for a successful digital transformation journey in the Public Sector include:

Seamless Experience

Providing citizens with the information and service they need at the right time when they need it. The demand to have a frictionless experience with no hassle has become key. Customers expect their experience with public service agencies to be seamless, omnichannel, and with less disruption.

Transparency and Equity

Provide the information and the service the customer needs in a transparent process, and at the same time, provide it in an equitable manner addressing the needs of all constituents.

Data Intelligence

Data is the key to any digital transformation journey. Providing real-time data intelligence is a key to transparency and transformation initiatives w.r.t the public sector. Combining data from different sources and providing an analytical way of information to your public sector customer, both internally and externally, is very important.

Platform, Privacy, and Security

Achieving a digitally enabled organization requires speed, agility, flexibility, and efficiency. This can be achieved only by leveraging digital technology platforms such as the cloud. At the same time, security, privacy, and governance cannot be compromised. Choosing the right platforms that meet these imperatives is extremely important.

360-Degree Customer View

Serving customers with frictionless support and predicting signals from the customer’s viewpoint. This includes the voice of the customer, insights, and  real-time pulse checks on customer experiences. Improving and adjusting the service methods based on those inputs is critical.

At SpringML, we have enabled and helped support many public sector agencies in their digital transformation journey. We are super excited to share some of the real-time case studies at the Google Government Summit that resonates well with the important themes that include:

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