SpringML Javelin Accelerator: Migrate, Optimize, and Modernize Your Java Applications

Today’s organizations are under increased pressure to modernize legacy Java applications. Maybe an organization needs to reduce their dependence on proprietary solutions or systems. Perhaps developers are hitting performance thresholds because they don’t have enough skilled resources, capacity, or knowledge. Or a modernization might be triggered by compliance requirements, security concerns, or the growth of the business.

Helping solve and assess an organization’s unique challenges is SpringML’s top priority. Modernizing legacy applications must be simple and provide clear advantages. To help ease the complex challenges many face, we are launching the SpringML Javelin accelerator, an agnostic, end-to-end modernization assessment program that enables a simpler and faster path to success for our customers.

Repeatable processes, predictable results

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from listening to our customers and helping them modernize. It has been interesting to learn from their experiences about why certain modernization projects succeed where others fail. In many cases, the success is determined by the ability to accurately and efficiently assess project requirements and dependencies up front. Organizations that take the time to do a complete, thorough analysis of their IT environments are consistently more successful in their modernization projects. By understanding their requirements, organizations can make informed decisions, allowing them to create a more comprehensive modernization plan with improved priorities.

Many customers tell us that SpringML makes it look easy to build and work towards modernizing Java applications. To help with your modernization planning, we’ve standardized our process into a phased model with predictable steps and repeatable outcomes:

  • Assess and evaluate your IT landscape and workloads
  • Plan what can move, what should move, and in what order
  • Migrate by picking a path, and get started
  • Optimize your operations and save on costs

We want to help you reduce risk and costs while accelerating your success by providing a clear path to business value. To simplify your Java Application modernization  journey across each phase, Javelin is built on 3 key phases  to meet your readiness cloud and modernization needs:

  • A data-driven assessment that establishes a baseline for your organization and helps build a tailored modernization journey that’s right for your team and your business
  • Prototype to accommodate any starting point and help move you towards your future via innovative, maintainable, and cost-effective practices, tools, and technologies
  • Deployment that we work together to learn, improve, and deliver agile, reliable, and optimized tools

Get started with your legacy Java application modernization

Modernizing legacy Java applications should be easy, even if you have 1 to 1,000’s of applications. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to modernize—with Javelin (watch on-demand webinar), we make sure it works right for you. To help get things off the ground, we offer a free assessment so you can understand your cloud readiness and start crafting a Java application modernization plan. In addition, here are some other potential first steps you can take as you embark on your modernization journey, all of which we’re eager to help you with:

  • Review the material provided as part of Javelin
  • Meet (bring together) with your leadership,  engineers, and solution architects
  • Perform discovery and assessment of your IT landscape
  • Craft a “wish list” of legacy Java Applications to be modernized and their functions
  • Evaluate your cloud readiness and cloud preferences, Hybrid, multi-cloud, and etc.

Our team has helped many organizations modernize legacy Java applications. Let your business be the next one we help. Get started with your modernization journey with a free assessment.

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