SpringML’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification Solution

Helping State Health Departments deploy Google & Apple Exposure Notification to contain COVID-19

State and local governments, in particular state level health departments, are in the process of developing contact tracing applications to track citizens exposed to COVID-19, provide support for the infected, and proactively reduce additional exposures. SpringML’s Exposure Notification solution  uses the Google Exposure Notification API and Apple Exposure Notification SDK. Our solution also integrates with Case Management Solutions such as Salesforce work.com or we can create a custom solution in Google AppSheet as we did for the State of Utah for Contact Tracing

High-Level Architecture

For infected users they report a positive COVID-19 test to their State level Department of Health through a mobile app. 

These mobile applications are compatible with  Google Android and Apple iOS.

Mobile users receive an alert that they have been in contact with a person that tested positive for COVID-19. Users will automatically be connected to a virtual agent workflow supported by their State Health Department that can assist them. A virtual agent reduces call volumes to the State Health Department COVID-19 hotline. Exposed citizens are also automatically connected to the State level case management process for manual Contact Tracing purposes. 

Our solution integrates into Test Verification Systems, Case Management and other alerting applications and will help States reopen safely with efficient scalable exposure tracking and notification. 

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