SpringML’s top 3-list of Google Cloud Next ‘21 announcements

It’s a wrap, but the learning continues! The 3-day flagship Google Cloud event, Google Cloud Next ‘21, was filled with keynotes, deep dives, and announcements that kept us busy and on the edge of our seats. This year, the virtual format allowed for a personalized journey that enabled participants to align with their interests – But still, that made for a lot!.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a premier sponsor at Next ’21, we went all-in with several exciting sessions spotlighting our accelerator solutions, taking our customers to the next level of their digital transformation. Above all, on the eve of Next ’21, Google Cloud announced the winners of its inaugural Google Cloud Customer Awards, and we are thrilled to learn that several of our customers, including Iron Mountain, 7-Eleven, Geotab, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, Wayfair, State of Hawaii, State of Arizona, and Mercado Libre, were awarded for their achievements for most innovative, technically advanced and transformative cloud deployments.

As always, Google announced a variety of exciting news surrounding solutions, updates, and enhancements designed to help businesses solve the most demanding challenges they’re facing today. Here’s a brief recap of some of the most exciting announcements made at Google Cloud Next ‘21:

  1. Security is priority

    Google introduces the world’s premier security advisory team, Google Cybersecurity Action Team (GCAT). This team will guide customers through the cycle of security transformation—from the first transformation roadmap and implementation through increasing cyber-resilience preparedness for potential events and incidents and engineering new solutions as requirements change. SpringML has security specialization and are helping organizations establish data security best practices.

  2. Vertex AI Benchmark

    Google announces in preview Vertex AI Workbench, a single development environment for the entire data science workflow. This single environment can complete all ML work, from experimentation to deployment to managing and monitoring models.

  3. BigQuery Omni

    We firmly believe in data democratization and breaking down the silos. will help organizations align to the business goals and everyone refers to the same source of truth. BigQuery Omni aims to address this key need by allowing data teams to integrate data from various clouds in one unified environment.

We also made an exciting announcement during Next ’21.

Recognize makes strategic investment in SpringML to further accelerate growth

In case you missed our sessions at Google Cloud Next

Building Reliable Vision AI Solutions

In this session, Eric Clark, Director, Public Sector, SpringML, takes us through real-world inspiring use cases and dives into the nuances of designing and deploying vision AI models for production use.

Revolutionizing the Patient Experience through Digitization

Watch Sindhu Adini, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, SpringML, explain how Google’s commitment to healthcare has given us a suite of tools and services allowing providers to achieve the goals, succinctly measure them and pivot proactively when needed.

Google is the cleanest cloud

For the past four years, Google Cloud has matched 100% of their electricity use with renewable energy purchases – Now, they expand the availability to build a more sustainable future for their customers. Carbon Footprint tool available to customers to measure, track, and report gross carbon emissions associated with the services they use in Google Cloud.

Google has always thought of “solving for what’s next” to empower customers and partners to build applications and analyze data across different environments in a user-friendly and ingenious format. This year’s announcements at Google Cloud Next further supported their stance as they continue to blaze the trail across all these dimensions. SpringML is excited to partner with Google Cloud in helping our customers leverage all these advancements for digital transformation by bringing data, cloud, and our accelerators together to unlock data-driven insights and automation.

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